Privacy-first web analytics you can trust

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Really privacy-first:

You can be confident SEAL Metrics respects GDRP, PECR, and CCPA, but especially that we are ePrivacy Regulation compliant:

Aggregated Data

NO IP Data

NO Individual Data

We are the cookieless web analytics that really complies with all regulations, especially in Europe: GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation

We work with aggregated data. We never track a single journey nor store personal data like IPs. We don’t use hashed or encrypted IPs. IPs are considered personal data, so we need consent from the users to store them.

Once you make the decision to work with privacy-focused analytics, with SEAL you can be confident that you’re working with truly privacy-first analytics.

We have to let go of reports like visitors or clicks per country or unique visitors because this data is privacy-sensible, and it can’t be tracked, even hashed, encrypted, etc… You can track while staying privacy-friendly with confidence with SEAL.

We are ePrivacy compliant. Let me show you why:

The eEPrivacy Regulation says that you CAN’T track any of your visitors individually, even if these visitors have been “anonymized”. If you analyze an “anonymized customer journey” you will be GDPR compliant but NOT with ePrivacy Regulation. We explain this concept deeply in our white paper: GDPR for Marketers. In this post, you’ll find the main difference between GDPR and ePrivacy.

How do we know our cookieless tracking competitors are not ePrivacy compliant?

Because they need to track every single customer journey individually to show certain KPIs like:

  • Bounce Rate: The bounce rate is calculated individually and then they show you aggregate data or calculations. Since they are tracking individually without consent you are not ePrivacy compliant!
  • Time On Site: They calculate the time on site in the same way that bounce rate. Firstly individually, then calculated
  • Time On Page: It’s the as “time on site”.
  • Exit Page: They need to know WHO is leaving your site. If the know WHO then they are tracking individually, so not ePrivacy compliant.

SEAL Metrics is a strictly legally compliant and privacy-first web analytics company. We’ve created this technology to fix problems, we don’t want to create legal problems for our customers.

SEAL doesn’t work with IPs:

We don’t read or store information from your visitors’ IPs. We would like to show you information like where your visitors are coming from, but IP is considered as personal data, so we can’t work with them, even if you hash or encrypt the IPs, and every privacy-focused analytics can’t work with data that is coming from IP information, like clicks by country.

SEAL doesn’t work with user id or fingerprinting,…

Since we’re ePrivacy compliant, privacy-first analytics cannot work with any kind of information that can identify a user. User-id, digital fingerprint, a mix of all data + IPs,… it doesn’t matter how you want to work with this data, ePrivacy is clear. You cannot work with them! Be aware and don’t put your reputation at risk working with solutions that could be GDPR Compliant but don’t respect the ePrivacy Regulation.

GDPR, CCPA, PECR… and ePrivacy Compliant

SEAL works with anonymized data so we are GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliant, AND we work with no-individual data so we are eprivacy compliant. If you work with individualized data, though this data is anonymous, you will not be eprivacy compliant!

IP, though anonymous, is individualized data, it’s very difficult to be ePrivacy compliant. Don’t take risks.

Take a look at our post: “What is the main difference between GDPR vs ePrivacy“.

100% of your traffic tracked without tracking consent

We respect the privacy of your users, you’re not going to see even we don’t work with individual data so you can’t un-anonymized our statistics. This is the KEY of the ePrivacy. We can’t identify the identity of our visitors. As ePrivacy compliant, you can get stats from your website without asking for consent to be tracked.

Conversions by Source, Campaign, or Terms

We are the only privacy-first analytics today that can show conversions per source, campaign, or terms/keywrods. We have our own technology that allows us to be the leader in the privacy-focused analytics market.

Accurate & Agnostic Data:

We’ve been working with data analytics since 1999. Our main goal is to deliver an agnostic and accurate data analytics technology and help marketers to make decisions based on the best data while protecting the privacy of our web visitors.

A real Google Analytics alternative:

What are your favorite Google Analytics reports? I’m sure we have it with SEAL Cookieless technology. But if we don’t, let us know and if these reports are privacy compliant, we’ll create and publish them.

SEAL is a Cookieless Analytics for business:

We are data and privacy-first company. We love data, and have been developing our own web analytics technology since 2013. For this reason, we know exactly what our clients need. YOU need web analytics that helps you to make decisions based on data. YOU need your data to be actionable. And YOU need trust in your accurate and agnostic data. SEAL is made from the experience of more than 7 years of talking and helping companies around the world.

5 min implementation:

You just need two pixels one for tracking page views and a second one to track Events (conversions or micro-conversions). You can install SEAL’s pixels from our plugins for WordPress, Woocommerce, and Prestashop. Our team is working on developing the modules for Magento and Shopify.

Data ready for making decisions

If you are a blogger or an e-commerce manager or a CMO of a big corporation you can access data ready for making decisions that will be profitable for your business. Usually, cookieless technology gives simple analytics. Our commitment is to offer the best solution to every size of business. The needs of a blogger are completely different from those of e-commerces.

We’ve fought against click fraud with cookieless technology:

We take advantage of our experience fighting fraud to develop a privacy-focused solution that today’s market and corporations trully need. We’ve developed SEAL Privacy-first analytics to protect the privacy of users and while delivering accurate and agnostic data to companies and marketers.

Go further with your data

Stop working with simple dashboards that aren’t going to help you grow your business. We are a real alternative to Google Analytics.