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Why Marketers Love SEAL Metrics

Why marketing professionals highly appreciate and value the features, and benefits provided by SEAL metrics in their marketing activities.

Actionable report for Marketers by Marketers

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What Marketers are saying about SEAL Metrics

    • A Game-Changer in Website Tracking

      David N.
      Marketing Specialist
    • Help me with SEO

      Sandra T.
      Data Analyst
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    • Analytics I actually use!

      Zineb Layachi
    • It gives us the possibility to measure being privacy friendly. Limited access to the data, but it’s normal due the legal limit.

      Capterra’s user
      Packaging and containers
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    • Simply the best. Innovation and Precision in Web Traffic Measurement

      Albert B.
      CEO. Marketing Agency
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    • Without data I cannot optimise campaigns. Imagine trying to optimise a campaign when you only see 1 of every 9 conversions in Google Ads and GA. Now I know exactly how many conversions come from each keyword and campaign. Life saver!

      Albert Berlanga
      CEO & SEM Specialist – Internectia
    • A Game-Changer for Privacy-Conscious Analytics: My Experience with SEAL Metrics

      Rodrigo M.
      SEO Director
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