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Track 100% of your web traffic and Revenue

Measure 100% of what happens on your website, without cookies or fingerprinting, in a completely legal manner. Gain access to valuable reports for informed decision-making.

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All the reports you need to make informed decisions.

Our reports are accurate, real-time, and never subject to sampling.

Easy-to-Read Dashboard:

Complete dashboard on your website for a comprehensive overview of what’s happening at a glance.

Conversions & Revenue per UTM:

Thanks to our proprietary technology, we can accurately attribute conversions and revenue to their respective traffic sources without compromising user privacy.

Create Custom Sales Funnels:

Create your personalized sales funnel and precisely measure areas for improvement at each stage.

ROAS Evolution:

Analyze the evolution of your traffic, conversions, revenue, and ROAs by daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring. Additionally, compare two time periods and filter by medium, campaign, or traffic source.

Top Pages Analysis:

This report is for you if knowing the top visited URLs on your website and the primary traffic entry points is important to you.

Add SEALMetrics Pixel:

Adding our pixel to your website is a breeze. Simply specify the event you want to track and download it.

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Access to our Open-Demo Account and play with all the reports, filters and KPIs. No email required.

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Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

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