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Why choose SEAL Metrics? Tech

  • 99,9% server uptime in the last 365 days.
  • 0% website page views lost in the last 365 days.
  • Servers based in Ireland.
  • Advanced Tech Infrastructure.
  • Experience managing billions of page views and making complex calculations.

SEAL Metrics Servers Architecture is based on more than 7 years of experience managing Big Data & Predictive Algorithms

Before building SEAL Metrics, we launched a Marketing Attribution & Predictive SaaS called Adinton.

Our IT team is working hard to provide fast and efficient data processing:

  • Robust server structure: Since we launched SEAL Metrics in May 2021, our servers have been live 100% of the time.
  • Because of the quantity and quality of the data SEAL gives you, it is safe to assume that our pixel is not the lightest one in the market. We are continuously improving our pixel. Our last update was July 14th with a size reduction of 9.2%.
  • Our servers have processed 100% of the hits, even during busy holiday seasons. We've created a system of lines where every click that is impossible to process is stored and ready to be processed when the server is prepared to do it. What happens if our servers are over saturated because one of our clients has launched a TV campaign (for example)? Thanks to that system of lines, you don't lose any hits. They are all stored and processed when the server saturation decreases.

The IT Team at SEAL Metrics is experienced in storing, managing and processing large volumes of data which is transformed it into high-impact insights for your teams and stakeholders.

Trusted by EU Marketers

SEAL Metrics is a Cookieless Conversion Tracking tool for Marketing teams who need to see all conversions per source, campaign, medium, keyword to optimize their campaigns.

  • Running in 5min
  • 100% of my traffic
  • Super Privacy
  • Legal peace of mind

Since the cookie banner

You are running on less data

(some of which is mislabeled)

  • You’re not seeing 30-70% of you traffic in GA
  • ≈ 35% of sources are mislabeled as direct traffic.
  • Your basic metrics are misleading.

Not seeing any changes since the cookie banner?

Use EditThisCookie extension to check if it's installed correctly. If you are running Google Ads, the Enhanced Conversions might still be tracking regardless of the visitor's decision.

Start to track in less

than 5 minutes (No-Code):

Install SEAL Metrics' module, plugin or APP and start tracking the 100% of your sales and visits quick and painless.

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