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We’re on a mission to make Web Analytics and Digital Marketing respectful with Privacy.

Welcome to SEAL Metrics:

Before we launched SEAL Metrics, we started a company called Adinton in 2013 as a Marketing Attribution Software, but my son pushed me to be Privacy-friendly Web Analytics. This is the story:

We started Adinton in 2013. Basically, I didn’t understand why marketers made low-level marketing when we had as much data as we needed to make better decisions, better marketing.

We have always believed in Sustainable Marketing. Marketing that:

  • Doesn’t burn your budget.
  • Doesn’t burn your customers, or visitors.
  • Doesn’t burn your brand.

Which is why we created Adinton. Years later we are so proud of helping a lot of e-commerce, lead gen companies to produce more sustainable marketing.

We created Adinton with no help from investors, VC or Business Angels. We fought against big tech companies with huge sales teams. Even as the smallest company we were the ones who understood the marketers’ needs because we’re marketers!

SEAL is our new project, although for us it isn’t new. We started working with Cookieless technology in 2016!!! We created a Cookieless Ad fraud Detect Software based on digital fingerprinting. Our technology was able to detect which device was clicking on our customers’ ads even when they delete cookies, local/session storage,…. change IPs… We caught them!!!!

Even when GDPR came into play a couple of years ago, and our Legal Team explained to us that our “big problem is not the GDPR, it will be the ePrivacy Regulation”, but a couple of years ago, ePrivacy Regulation was being created. We didn’t have enough information about how much pain will generate in our marketing campaigns, we decided to keep working with cookies until we have clear information about ePrivacy.

On October 31st, 2020, when new cookies regulations were launched we started to measure the impact of this regulation on our customer’s marketing campaigns. In the beginning, the impact was minimal.

But all changed the day that I had to explain to my 9-year-old son why he should accept or reject cookies, I saw crystal clear that we need to protect his/our privacy as internet citizens. He asked me why he always found a frame asking to accept or reject something. As a Marketing attribution specialist, I quickly answered that he can accept cookies. But after a couple of minutes, I decided that I probably was wrong. As you can imagine, cookies are not the problem, the problem is how companies and professionals are working with the information that we share with them.

A couple of days later I shared my thoughts with my team, and together we decided to take our first steps towards creating a technology that is useful for companies as well as respects user privacy.

We need to protect the privacy of our users.
We need to protect the privacy of our company.
We need to create a profitable business.
We need to keep working on our marketing campaigns.
We need to protect our “online freedom”.

That is why we developed SEAL Privacy-first analytics for Marketers.





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Our commitment

The freedom that we achieve thanks to internet could be lost if we, as users, lost our privacy.

  • We understand that companies need to track marketing performance to be profitable and generate wealth and jobs.
  • We understand that the freedom on internet is based on privacy of users.
  • We offer a privacy-friendly system to make profitable marketing campaigns while still respecting the privacy of users.
  • We know that web analytics are an asset. For that reason, we can’t share it with third party companies.


About me:

Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile and my Twitter Account.

  • Data Analytic experience since: 1999.
  • Google Ads Specialist since: 2004.
  • Performance Marketing Specialist since 2006.
  • Digital Marketing Agency Owner from 2008-2013.
  • Marketing Attribution SaaS Owner since 2013 .
  • Cookieless Ad Fraud Saas Owner since 2016.
  • Predictive Marketing SaaS Co-Owner since 2018.
  • Privacy-Focused Web Analytics since May 2021.

We are a Web Analytics Company at the service of Privacy.