Shit happens

Today I have to make public apologies to the guys of

We’ve started a Google Ads campaign, we bought his brand on Google. So when someone searched for “Plausible” , the user saw our Ad. We have followed the same strategy that our competitors are following with our other business.

Buuuut… shit happens. 🙁

We bought their brand, it could be ethical or not. It depends.

Plausible made public this tweet:

They were very elegant hiding our brand. Thanks!

But the big problem is that Plausible Brand was added to our Adtext!

I have to say, we haven’t used his name in our brand. We didn’t want to confuse the user, neither we think plausible loses data, as you can read in the Ad text.

Immediately, when we’ve seen the Plausible’s tweet we’ve stopped our Google Ads campaigns.

Then we’ve checked if we are using Keyword Insertion in our Adtexts. As we thought we didn’t use keyword insertion in the Ads. So Google has added Plausible brand inside our adtext, when we are not working with keyword insertion !!!

@Plausible team: My apologies for that, our intention never was to use your brand inside our adtext, we didn’t want to create confusion.

I’d like to speak better in English to transmit how I feel because we have never wanted to hurt your brand, especially confusing the users as in the screenshot you published on Twitter.

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