How Isolated-hits tracking works

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How SealMetrics' Session-ID works:

Website Mapping

The system will map your website and know with total accuracy which URLs are visitable from each URL. With this information, the system can determine with high precision which session-id corresponds to each hit on your website.

Events per Source

We can attribute conversions or other events to their traffic source through the adin parameter, which follows the user’s navigation without identifying or tracking them individually. Once an event occurs, it is assigned to the adin parameter, and therefore to its corresponding source, medium, campaign, and term.

Aggregated Data

We work with fully aggregated data; each time a hit occurs on a URL, the system counts it as an individual and separate hit. All hits on a URL, or from the same source, are independently added up.


The system creates a session-id each time a user visits the website, and when they leave, this session-id is no longer used.

No fingerprinting or IPs

We do not use any fingerprinting technologies nor do we use the IP address as a parameter to calculate the session-id.”

Privacy Regulations Compliant

SealMetrics is GDPR, ePrivacy Regulation, CCPA, PECR,… compliant. You can access to our DPA or request access to our DPIA

Highst Pirvacy Standard

More than an analytics company, we are a privacy firm. All data seen in our solution has been validated by our Legal department. Privacy comes first, then the data.

Propietary Technology

SEAL works with a proprietary system based on IDs, which does not identify users. That is calculated in every single hit.

Event Tracking

Our system can measure any type of event from page views, conversions, logins, newsletter subscriptions, scroll downs, to SPA websites, ajax, react, and more.

Empowering marketers and guaranteeing user privacy does not have to be a zero-sum game

Dumping Google Analytics is not the end of marketing metrics, but rather the beginning of a privacy-safe approach to the effective management of your digital properties and investments.

The Highest Privacy Standards in Analytics Ecosystem

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Privacy by Design

Privacy-first Web Analytics. If it’s not good for users’ privacy, we don’t build it.

DPO love us

DPOs! we have ready all the documentation that you need to trust SealMetrics.

No Fingerprinting tracking

Based on the ePrivacy Directive, it would require consent for tracking.

Legally Sound, Privacy-Centric

NO Cookies

NO fingerprinting

Avoid Annoying Cookie Banners

Does NOT store personal data

NO store IP

Servers located in the EU

European Company

GDPR Compliant

ePrivacy Directive Compliant

We don’t sell your data

Privacy Marketing

NO legal tricks

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