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Google Analytics Alternative

Do the same thing that you’re doing with GA, only legal

Why do you need a Google Analytics Alternative?

Since October 31, 2020, the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations specifically state that “The user must expressly accept analytics” and “Marketing” cookies. Therefore, they must be “not selected”.

As a result, all online businesses, blogs, e-commerce, and SaaS companies… have noticed a decrease in their data. It is not a real data loss; it simply means less data in their analytics tools.

It is estimated that the percentage of people who do not accept third-party and first-party cookies when visiting a website is between 30% and 65%.

This percentage will be even higher due to the excellent evangelization effort regarding data privacy carried out by Apple.

Apple is making an excellent effort for users’ privacy and against its big (indirect) technological competitors. And this is just the beginning!

Users don’t want to be tracked, they don’t want to be “remarketed”, and they don’t like to be profiled.

Privacy Concerns and Regulatory Compliance

The digital landscape and privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and ePrivacy regulations are evolving. Google Analytics relies heavily on cookies, which can be a contention regarding user privacy, so it’s not a privacy-fist analytics solution. An alternative that offers cookieless tracking can help you comply with these regulations.

Google Analytics vs SEAL Metrics Comparative Table

In the following table, you will find a comprehensive comparison of Google Analytics vs. SEAL Metrics. Point by point, you will see why SEAL Metrics is the superior alternative to Google Analytics.

* Click on the next tabs to compare.
Privacy Compliance:
GDPR Compliant
ePrivacy Directive Compliant
Cookieless Technology
Solution is an European Company
Solution doesn't belong to a US Company
Stored data can't be sent to a US company under legal requirement
Pixel triggered from European Servers
Data Stored in European Servers
Doesn't associate any statistics or journeys with anonymous users
Doesn't associate any statistics or journeys with anonymous users
Data Loss
Visits 0%
Page Views 0%
Micro Conversions 0%
Conversions 0%
Revenue 0%
KPIs & Data
Real Time
Real time in all Reports
Custom UTMs
Page Views
Page Views per Session
Bounce Rate
Data Per Medium
Data per Source
Data per Campaign
Data per Term
Daily Report
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Top Pages
Data by Country
Data by Device
Data by Operating System
Conversions Data
Add to Carts
Micro Conversions
Sales Funnel
Change Sales Funnel
Page views
Click on buttons
Click on links
Ease of use:
Implement 5 min
Make decisions
Create Custom Funnels Easely
Magento I
Magento II
Google Tag Manager
Customer Support:
Video conference
Time to answer: less than 8h

Is GA4 the right choice for you?

For many years, Google Analytics has been the benchmark for digital measurement. However, following the launch of GA4, a commonly expressed sentiment is ‘I hate GA4′. GA4 can be challenging to use; its reports often don’t align with marketers’ needs, and the data provided can seem neither actionable nor accurate. This shift invites a critical evaluation of whether GA4 meets your specific analytics requirements.

How Much Traffic and Conversions Are You Missing Out On?

Since the implementation of the cookie banner, businesses are generally losing about 45% of their traffic and 17% of conversions. These conversions are often incorrectly assigned to direct traffic sources in most cases. Therefore, depending on the strength of your brand and your traffic sources, this percentage of unmeasured traffic could go up to 80%. It’s important to assess and adapt measurement strategies to capture more accurate data and improve decision-making.

What legal issues can GA4 create for marketers that they might not be aware of?

GA4, like any analytics tool, can pose legal challenges for marketers if not used in compliance with data privacy and protection regulations. These challenges include potential GDPR violations and other privacy regulations for collecting data without proper user consent, especially in the European Union; improper use of personal data if the collected data is used in ways not authorized by users; and lack of transparency in data collection, which can lead to legal non-compliance. It’s crucial for marketers to be aware of these regulations and ensure that their use of GA4 and other analytics tools adheres to all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

“What support does SEAL Metrics offer as a cookieless alternative to Google Analytics?

We support you throughout the implementation process and advise you on the KPIs to ensure the transition is both pleasant and useful.

How is SEAL Metrics preparing for the future in the field of web analytics?

At SEAL Metrics, we are continuously developing new tools and staying up-to-date with regulatory changes. Our commitment is to ensure that our services are not only prepared for the present but also ready to meet the future challenges of digital marketing and web analytics.

Why SEAL Metrics is the best Google Analytics 4 alternative

While our competition is working to comply with GDPR, at SEAL Metrics, GDPR doesn’t directly apply to us due to our new approach to measurement. At SEAL Metrics, we’ve pioneered a groundbreaking technology that empowers marketers with invaluable business intelligence. What sets us apart is that we don’t track individuals or their behaviors. This is where SEAL Metrics truly adds value.

ePrivacy Regulation is crystal clear about individual tracking: If you track a user individually, even anonymously, you must request consent.

SEAL Metrics doesn’t track people; we track page views. All traffic is 100% anonymous, so GDPR doesn’t apply to SEAL because we are not tracking users, either we store personal data. We don’t need to be GDPR compliant.

SEAL Metrics is better than Google Analytics 4 if you don’t want to lose more important data

Conversions Report

You’ll know how is your business running at a glance. Better UX than UA, more accurate and not sampled data than Google Analytics 4. You’ll be able to create your custom Sales Funnel.


Acquisition Report

Which are your best performing sources or mediums or campaings? or even terms? The same data that you can find in GA4 you’ll have it in SEALMetrics.


Performance per Operating System Report

Which are your best performing operating systems or devices? The same data that you can find in GA4 you’ll have it in SEALMetrics.


Track 100% of your traffic and conversions per UTM:

Since we do not work with user ID nor fingerprinting, we can measure 100% all the good stuff without any legal risk.

SEAL Metrics works with a proprietary system based on Source IDs, which does NOT identify individual visitors, and we do not need an individual tracking system. It identifies page views and traffic sources.

Each time a user accesses the website from a source, the system assigns a sourceID (not user_id) to that source. It doesn’t affect your SEO. This is why we are one of the best Google Analytics alternatives. Track all your traffic and conversions with no legal problems.

Everything you need in GA4, you have it in SEAL Metrics

Business KPIs

Vistis, page views, conversions, revenue, ROAs, per source, or campaigns.

Create your Sales Funnel:

Create your custom sale funnel.


  • from the visit to add to cart
  • from add to cart to checkout
  • from checkout to purchase

Find your more profitable channels

You need to know how to allocate your marketing budget to maximize sales. You have access to this information per Source, Medium, Campaigns, Terms, Devices, and OS.

Reports per day, week or month

Check the evolution of your revenue and profit per day, week or month.

Filter by medium, sources or campaigns and compare one period to another.

Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

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