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Google Analytics Alternative

Why do you need a Google Analytics Alternative? Current problem

Since October 31st, 2020, the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations specifically state that “Analytics” and “Marketing” cookies must be expressly accepted by the user, therefore they must be “not selected”.

As a result, all online businesses, blogs e-commerce, SaaS companies… have noticed a decrease in their data. It is not a real data loss, it simply means less data in their analytics tools.

It is estimated that the percentage of people who do not accept third-party cookies and first-party cookies when visiting a website is between 30% and 65%.

This percentage will be even higher due to the great evangelization effort regarding data privacy carried out by Apple.

Apple is making a great effort for the privacy of users and against its big (indirect) technological competitors. And this is just the beginning!

Users don’t want to be tracked, they don’t want to be “remarketed” to, and they don’t want to be profiled.

Top Google Analytics Alternatives

If you’re looking for a privacy first Web Analytics tool compliant with the recent GDPR, and ePrivacy regulations, then you’re in the right place! Compare SEAL Metrics with Google Analytics to help you make informed decisions. We are the best Google Analytics Alternative.

Google Analytics
SEAL Metrics
Pixel triggered from European Servers
Data Stored in European Servers
Solution is an European Company
Solution doesn't belong to a US Company
Stored data can't be sent to a US company under legal requirement
Doesn't associate any statistics or journeys with anonymous users
Doesn't associate any statistics or journeys with anonymous users

Google Analytics is an amazing tool that is helping marketers make better decisions. But nowadays you MUST be aware about privacy and Google Analytics.

As you saw in the previous table, GA is NOT GDPR compliant. There are some countries (France and Austria) informed GA is not legal. So, you need to find alternatives to Google Analytics.

It is not a question of whether cookies are going to die or not, it is about privacy.

SEAL Metrics™️ is a cookieless Web Analytics tool for Ecommerce and SaaS Marketers that need the source data behind each conversion to make decisions. A real Google Analytics alternative.

Why SEAL Metrics is the best Google Analytics Alternatives:

SEAL doesn’t work with personal data, so GDPR doesn’t apply.

SEAL Metrics’ technology doesn’t track people, track page views (hits). This ois our value proposal, while Google Analytics scripts track individually users, even in some times in an anonymous way.

ePrivacy Regulation is crystal clear about individual tracking: If you track individually a user, even anonymously, you must request for consent.

SEAL Metrics doesn’t track people, we track page views. All traffic is 100% anonymous, so GDPR doesn’t apply to SEAL because we are not tracking users, neither we store personal data. We don’t need to be GDPR compliant.

Track 100% of traffic and conversions per UTM:

Since we do not work with User ID nor fingerprinting, we can measure 100% of all the good stuff without any legal risk.

SEAL Metrics works with a proprietary system based on Source IDs, which does NOT identify individual visitors and we do not need individual tracking system. It identifies page views and traffic sources.

Each time a user accesses the website from a source, the system assigns a sourceID (not user_id) to that source. It doesn’t affect your SEO. This is why we are one of the best Google Analytics alternatives. Track all your traffic and conversions with no legal problems.

Everything you need in GA, you have in SEAL Metrics:

You need to track basic KPIs:

After 20 years of experience managing €50M+ in Ad budgets for companies in the EU, we know the type of data and reports you need and don’t need to make decisions. Conversions per source, campaigns, medium,and terms.

  • Visits
  • Page views
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue




Understand your Sales Funnel:

  • From Visits
  • To Add-to-carts
  • To Conversions
  • Track all your microconversions





Find your Most Profitable Channels:

You need to know how to allocate your marketing budget to maximize sales. You have access to this information per Source, Medium, Campaigns, Terms, Devices, and OS.


Which your Top Pages are?

Which are your most visited URLs?

Which is content performing better?

You’ll see your top performing URLs and your top entry pages

What you can't do with GA:

Reports per day, week or month

Check the evolution of your revenue and profit per day, week or month.

Filter by medium, sources or campaigns and compare one period to another.





Privacy-first Analytics

Respect the privacy of your visitors, get all the stats that you need for making decisions while complying with GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation.

Cookieless & digital fingerprintingless Analytics

SEAL works without cookies nor digital fingerprinting technologies. Get stats on your business without tracking people.

SEAL doesn't collect personal data

GDPR doesn't apply to SEAL because we don't track, collect or store personal data.

Track 100% of visits & conversions

Track all your traffic and make decisions based on 100% of your data.

Servers located in the EU

Servers and company both located in Europe. Legal peace of mind.

Add Costs and Calculate ROAS

Calculate ROAS in real-time. Use SEAL's Cost Calculator and add costs automatically.

Why use SEAL Metrics?

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Track Facebook conversions per UTM

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