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Pay per seats instead of traffic

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Accurate & agnostics data

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Basic Package

Everything you need to manage your website with basic KPIs. Perfect for small businesses and blogs:

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The perfect package for bloggers or if you want to audit your Google Analytics traffic. How much traffic you are not tracking due cookie consent or adblockers, … ?

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PRO Package

KPIs for businesses that need to grow. Add costs data, track conversions, events (add-to-cart, newsletter subscriptions,…) revenue, calculate ROAS. Get detailed information by source, campaigns, and keywords.

Track the ROAS of your digital marketing campaigns in Real Time

Activate our Costs Calculator and calculate your costs per source based on sponsorship, CPA or CPC basis. Once you activate your Cost Calculator and SEAL tracks revenue from our pixel, you’ll have access to ROAS per source.

Analyze the evolution of your stats per day, week, or month. Build your sales funnel with real-time data.

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A real Google Analytics alternative. Track all your traffic with no cookie consent. Respect the privacy of your users and track 100% of your traffic and sales.

Make decisions based on accurate & agnostic data.

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Offline Tracking Page:

Track your conversions made in the Contact Center and create the perfect and complete funnel of your business while staying fully completely GDPR & ePrivacy compliant. In this post, we explain how we track offline conversions for being totally and strictly legal.

Make decisions based on accurate & agnostic data.

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More new Features:

Calculated Costs.

Add your CPA, CPC or sponsorship by source and SEAL will calculate your costs and ROAS by source in real time.

We MUST revolutionize digital marketing and Web Analytics.