Product Videos

We’re recording short videos explaining how to work with SealMetrics

In this video we explain which tracking system is better for your business and how to add in your website.


Let’s take a quick walk through all the features of SealMetrics.


At SealMetrics we have developed a Cost Calculator. With the cost calculator you’ll be able to calculate the ROAs of your marketing campaigns easily.


In this the video of the dashboard that we have in seal metrics. In it, you can see at first the visits, page views, conversions, micro conversions…


How do I know which of my channels is generating the most sales? With the acquisition sources report, for example, we are going to look at our traffic sources.

How are my marketing campaigns evolving? How is my SEO traffic evolving?

In the ROAs Evolution report, we can filter by day, week, and month and able to know the revenue or conversion rate.

Being able to create and automate a sales funnel for your business is key to optimizing and increasing sales.

With SealMetrics, you can create a funnel based on your micro-conversions and conversions.