SealMetrics Academy

The only platform offering a dual consentless analytics system. Our innovative approach combines two distinct, privacy-first measurement technologies, ensuring comprehensive, in-depth analysis while prioritizing user consent and data protection. Dive into the future of web analytics, where precision meets privacy, and unlock the full potential of your data with zero reliance on cookies.

One training in 2 languages

English Course

Track each event of the users in your website without cookies fingerprinting tracking. SealMetrics tracks when an user landing in a URL and when go to a new one. Thanks to this data, we can create helpful statistics.

Spanish Course

SEAL works with a proprietary system based on IDs, which does not identify users. It identifies traffic sources. Each time a user accesses the website from a source, the system assigns an ID (not user id) to that source

What you will learn

How Google is navigating the Cookieless World

You’ll understand how Google’s technologies work to try to get data from users that are not accepting to be tracked.

How to get Cookie Banner statistics

You’ll learn how to set up Google Tag Manager with the goal of understanding how your users are interacting with your cookie banner.


You’ll learn how to get advantage of SealMetrics with only 5 short videos.

Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

Empowering marketers and guaranteeing user privacy does not have to be a zero-sum game

Dumping Google Analytics is not the end of marketing metrics, but rather the beginning of a privacy-safe approach to the effective management of your digital properties and investments.