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The most sophisticated privacy-first analytics. SEAL Metrics doesn't track people, it tracks isolated hits. Our goal is to create the best Web Analytics Solution for marketers while respecting people's privacy. The best Google Analytics alternative

Start with a 30 days free trial, no credit card required. And if you decide to stay with us, you'll pay a fair price.

Highest level of privacy. We don't track people.

Actionable insights for reporting & optimising.

100% of your conversions per Source, Campaign & Term

30 days FREE Trial

NO Credit Card required

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Privacy Regulations compliant

Forever data retention

100% data ownership

Unlimited websites

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Events

Unlimited PDF & CSV downloads

Sales Funnel Analytics

Daily, weekly or monthly ROAS

No fingerprinting technology

User Roles Management

Advanced Stats for Marketers

Powerful API

Real-time Analytics

Track Add-to-carts

Bypass Ad-blockers

Track Google Conversions per UTM

Track Facebook Conversions

Track LinkedIN Conversions

(No credit card required)

(No credit card required)

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Most common questions (FAQs):

Is SEAL Metrics compliant with Privacy Laws?

Sure, SEAL Metrics is not based on any kind of individual tracking. It is a cookieless web analytics tool that does not use any fingerprinting technology.


Does SEAL Metrics store personal user data?

SEAL doesn't store any personal data. After several audits, our Legal team concluded that GDPR does not apply to SEAL Metrics precisely because it does not store personal data.


How much does SEAL Metrics calculate the pricing when clients have more than 1 account?

In the case of 2 or more accounts, clients get charged based on the total page views from all your accounts and websites.


Can SEAL Metrics help me track 100% of my traffic and conversions per source, medium, campaign or term?

Of course! We have reports that help you understand how to better allocate your marketing budget in order to maximize sales. You will even know exactly the number of conversions and events per UTM.


Can SEAL help track events such as purchases, add-to-carts, leads, newsletter subscriptions, clicks,... ?

Yes! You can track all the events you need. You can even manage a Single Page Application (SPA).


How does SEAL Metrics billing process work?

After your free 30 day trial ends, we'll calculate your monthly page views based on the previous month and charge you based on this calculation on the 1st of each month. You will never pay in advance; for example, in September 1st, you get charged for your August page views.


What happens if I exceed my monthly traffic package?

We'll calculate your monthly page views based on the previous month and charge you based on this calculation on the 1st of each month


How can I cancel my account?

You have a Cancel button in your billing section. If you cancel before the month ends, you will get charged 


What is the difference between an Account and a User?

User is a person with access to a Seal Metrics' Account. We have two types of accounts:

  1. User Account: What you get when you create an account with us. 
  2. Website Account: Each website is an account.

What is the pricing for websites with more than 100M monthly page views?

For this high traffic websites we have a special rate:

  • 1,899€/mo + 1,000€ for each additional 50M page views. For example, a website with 133M page views will be charged 1,899€ + 1,000€ per month.
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Users

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

You don't need a credit card to start you free 30 days trial. After the trial ends, you will be required to enter a valid credit card to continue using your SEAL Metrics account. If you fail to do so after the trial period, we will delete all your data and account.

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