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Trusted by EU Marketers

#1 Highest level of compliance so lawyers and visitors are happy

SEAL Metrics is privacy by default and audited every 6 months. In 2021 alone, we were audited 3 times by 3 different companies. Every report generated is cleared with the legal team. All traffic is 100% anonymous (GDRP compliant). No individual user tracking (ePrivacy compliant). Both company and servers are based in the EU.


As per our latest audit, GDPR doesn't even apply to SEAL thanks to its privacy first tracking technology. We don't collect personal data.

#2 Track 100% of your traffic, revenue, conversions/source, ROAS

With SEAL, you track 100% of your traffic, revenue, ROAS and conversions/source while respecting the privacy of your users and data protection regulations. We know how important it is for marketers to track each source, campaign, medium and keyword.

ROAS Evolution sealmetrics

Since we do not No User ID or Fingerprinting, we can measure 100% of your traffic without any legal risk. SEAL works with a proprietary system based on IDs, which does NOT identify users. It identifies traffic sources. Each time a user accesses the website from a source, the system assigns an ID (not user_id) to that source. It does not affect your SEO.

#3 Valuable reports for Marketers
by Marketers

After 20 years of experience managing €50M+ in Ad budgets for companies in the EU, we know the type of data and reports you need and don't need to make decisions. Conversions by Source, campaigns, and Terms, ROAS, Acquisition Report, Time Evolution Report, Funnel Report and Breakfast Report.


What questions do Marketers and CEOs need answered?

1. How many conversions did we get yesterday, last week, month, quarter,...?

2. How much revenue have we made? 

3. Which are our most profitable sources, campaigns, terms,...?

4. Which are our Top Pages?

5. How is our purchase funnel converting?