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Plausible Analytics vs SEAL Metrics

Everything you need to know about Plausible Analytics and Seal Metrics to understand that SEAL Metrics is the best alternative. On this page you will learn the main differences and similarities between Plausible Analytics and SEALMetrics. Both are cookieless tools that protect user privacy and both are exceptional solutions as alternatives to Google Analytics.

SEAL Metrics as a Plausible Analytics Alternative

Plausible Analytics is a privacy-focused web analytics service. Unlike some other analytics platforms, it doesn’t use cookies and it doesn’t track personal data of the visitors, which makes it more privacy-compliant with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. The platform aims to provide essential site analytics in a user-friendly manner, with a focus on simplicity and speed.

We have worked on this document to make it as practical and realistic as possible. If you notice any incorrect or outdated information, we would appreciate it if you could email us at

Let’s compare Plausible Analytics vs SEAL Metrics

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Privacy Compliance
ePrivacy Directive (1)
Data Collection Method
Technology Digital Fingerprinting
Origin: Europe
Founders: 2
Foundation: Bootstrapped
Year of Foundation: 2019
Team: 8
Servers Location: Europe
Self Hosted
Open Source
Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
No Data Sampling
Real Time Reporting
Live Demo

Note (1):

We greatly respect our industry peers, including Plausible Analytics, who employ sophisticated fingerprinting technology for tracking users while respecting privacy. However, given our understanding of the ePrivacy Directive, we believe such individualized user tracking might necessitate explicit user consent for conducting measurements.

You can read more about Cookie-based tracking vs fingerprinting-based analytics.

The most prudent course of action you can take is to ensure that the technology you utilize adheres to current regulations and will also comply with near-future norms.

That’s why at SEALMetrics, we are a privacy-first tool. Simply put, we have designed a tool where user privacy is our utmost priority and under this premise, we generate data that will prove useful for the marketer. We at SEALMetrics are very confident about any regulatory changes that may occur in the short term, as our technology, quite simply, does not measure individuals; thus their privacy will always be safeguarded.

What are isolated hits? (2)

SEALMetrics operates with its proprietary measurement system and technology, named ‘isolated hits’. This technology is based on a hit-by-hit website measurement, without tracking a user’s behavior across the site. At no point does SEALMetrics know how many users there are on a website; it only sees the hits that occur. The data is generated in an aggregated manner and is made meaningful to aid marketers in their decision-making process. Check out SEAL Metrics’ Privacy Standards.

Compare and SEAL Metrics in the same business:

The best way to compare two web analytics solutions is by directly seeing how each one addresses our needs. Sol let’s to compare both solutions with same website. As a marketer, the main needs we have with web analytics are:

Dashboard ready for making decisions

We have to make thousands of decisions a month. We need to be able to access data and understand how our business operates swiftly. Having all the significant information about my business at a glance is key to decision-making:


What to take into account in the image above?

  • Plausable is tracking the same traffic as GA4 and almost -50% less traffic than SEAL Metrics.
  • We compared conversions from SEAL Metrics to those from the ERP and found that SEAL Metrics matched the ERP’s data with 98% accuracy.
  • Plausible Analytics tracked 33% fewer conversions than reality.

Detect Profitable Sources

It’s important to know what the main acquisition channels are and how each one converts in order to identify areas for improvement. Having this information readily available is crucial for decision-making.


Boost Profitable Campaigns

Which are your best performing campaigns? Which are the campaigns that you should stop? Compare both reports and make the decision


Compare data

Being able to compare one period of time against another is key to measuring growth and identifying growth opportunities or reasons for slowdown. With Plausible Analytics, you can make comparisons, but only in the initial dashboard and for a part of it. In contrast, with SEAL Metrics, you can make comparisons between two time periods, with the ability to filter by Medium, Source, or Campaign, and detail the report by days, weeks, or months.


All the data that Marketers need for making decisions

We provide you with the comprehensive data you need to make well-informed decisions. Not just any data, but the right data, precisely what you need to effectively strategize and drive your business forward.rnrnrn

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