Unlock SealMetrics' Affiliate Partner Program.

Become an Affiliate Partner

#1 Enroll

and earn 20% commision from each sale that you generate. Minimum payroll: 20€

#2 Create SealMetrics Account

Create a Sealmetrics Account and access your Personalized Cookieless Affiliate Link, which is ready to be shared.

#3 Move your Affiliate Link

Move your personalized affiliate link, and your referral-paying clients will enjoy a 10% off the first year thanks to your referral

#4 Earn Commisions

Each time your Affiliate Link brings in a new paying client, you’ll earn a 20% commission, and your client will receive a 10% discount.


The 1st Affiliate Program with Highest Privacy Standards

Developed by ourselves, SealMetrics’ Affiliate Program is a cookieless affiliation technology and completely privacy-first

Privacy by Design

No cookies, no fingerprinting; you’ll have your referral URL. Thanks to your referral link, we protect the identity of those who purchased.

Don't lose sales

You’ll earn commissions if the users buy thanks to your URL. You won’t lose sales due cookie consent banners or if users reject cookies.

We help you to sell

We offer your potential clients 10% off  the 1st year if they buy through your link.