SEAL does not need to be GDPR compliant

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Why SEAL Metrics is the best GDPR compliant web analytics?

EU through GDPR and ePrivacy Directive is very clear about how to treat personal data. Nowadays those companies that works with their users personal data must be request consent.

Since SEAL doesn’t track human behaviour or navigation and doesn’t store or manage any kind of personal data, GDPR doesn’t affect SEAL.

SEAL does not need to be compliant with GDPR, because SEAL was made respecting the core of European Privacy laws.

Track Page Views, not people

SEAL technology doesn't track individual users, as Google Analytics does, and neither store personal data. SEAL track hits (page views), so all traffic is 100% anonymous. 

Privacy is a fundamental right of all citizens, so regulations protect this human right. Privacy is a human right and because SEAL doesn’t track people, so GDPR doesn’t even apply to SEAL, for this reason SEAL Metrics is considered and of the best GDPR compliant analytics platforms.

SEAL is the next generation of Cookieless web analytics and Google Analytics alternative, the first generation works with hashed digital fingerprints, but they still are tracking people even if anonymously.

SEAL goes one step further making it one of the most sophisticated GDPR-compliant analytics solutions in the market.

Do companies have to prove they are GDPR compliant?

It’s important when you choose a privacy-focused web analytics platform, to consider that your privacy-first tracking is going to comply with regulations in the short, medium, and long term.

Nowadays, cookieless tracking systems have to show the world that they comply with each point of regulation. 

You must choose the privacy-first solution that is aligned with the core of the regulation, instead the one with the most green checks on the list. Because someday the regulation could be more restrictive and then you don’t comply and…. What would you do with all your data inside a solution that isn’t compliant?

The convenience of being GDPR compliance companies

The EU is working hard to protect the privacy of its citizens. Privacy is a fundamental right of European citizens, so we must comply with the GDPR. Who would want to work with a company that is not applying regulations? Respecting GDPR, your company will increase trust and credibility

Currently the EU can impose fines from 4% to 5% of the revenue of the company and obviosuly a huge problem with the reputation of the company and the brand.

Seal is your perfect GDPR Compliant Analytics.

SEAL is completely aligned with the core of GPDR: Protect the privacy of your visitors.

Based on this mandatory principle, we have made a complete analytics suite. That makes us one of the most GDPR-compliant Systems in the world. 

How is it?

  • SEAL works without cookies

  • SEAL works without digital fingerprinting algorithms

  • SEAL doesn’t track individually

  • SEAL doesn’t work with IP for making calculations.

  • SEAL doesn’t track people

  • SEAL tracks unconnexus page views

  • Company and servers located in Europe.

  • Data stored in Europe.

  • Protect your visitors data

  • Protect your customers data

  • Protect your website data

All the kpis and reports that you’ll find in SEAL have been audited by our legal team. Actually, SEAL Metrics is audited every 6 months and every report generated is cleared with the legal team.

What you’ll see is the data you can track under strict privacy rules.

Our goal is to build the most useful privacy-first analytics solution for marketers while fully respecting the privacy of users. 

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