Privacy-first & Cookieless Analytics

Why choose SEAL Metrics? Legal

  • SEAL Metrics is audited several times a year.
  • All data reports are cleared with the legal team.
  • GDPR doesn’t even apply. 
  • Compliance with ePrivacy directive and Schrems II.
  • Privacy by design technology.
  • Aligned 100% with World Wide Privacy Regulations.
  • European Company based in Barcelona and servers hosted by European company based in Dublin.
  • NO cookies.
  • NO User-ID
  • NO Universal-ID
  • NO Digital fingerprinting-ID
  • NO super hashed digital fingerprinting-ID
  • We DON'T track people!

SEAL Metrics is aligned with the core of privacy laws

SEAL Metrics tracking system is based on counting completely isolated hits (page views). With this tracking system allows, you are confident that your cookieless analytics will not be banned with the next change in legislation.

GDPR, CCPA, PECR, and ePrivacy Regulations: all these regulations and directives have an essential and big goal: To protect citizens' privacy.

Privacy is a human fundamental right. By choosing SEAL Metrics, you are protecting your visitors' privacy.

How can your web analytics solution protect your visitor's privacy?

The answer is easy: DON'T Track Users!

If you're going to track your visitor's website behaviour individually, even if anonymously, you should ask for consent. Bounce rate, session duration and pages per session are examples of metrics that still require consent according to the ePrivacy Directive. They are tracking your visitor's individual journey on your website.

SEAL Metrics does not track visitors individually. We simply do not track people. By not tracking people, there is no risk of violating your visitor's privacy.

Most cookieless analytics solutions use digital fingerprinting technology. We don't.

SEAL Metrics does not use fingerprinting technology

Digital fingerprinting technology is based on creating an ID from the user's device. This ID is created with an algorithm that considers your browser's setup, resolution of your screen, IP,... and other variables that can make your device unique.

Once the cookieless tracking has generated an ID of your device, it starts to track you. You might be wondering "How different is it from cookie-based analytics?" The big difference is how this ID is generated.

So, under our understanding of current regulations (ePrivacy Directive), we consider that if you track users individually, you must request consent to track them.

For this reason, SEAL does NOT use digital fingerprinting technology. The goal of a cookie and digital fingerprinting ID is the same: to track individually.

Some digital fingerprinting systems suggest a workaround of deleting the ID after 24h or even less. There is no difference between a digital fingerprinting-based-ID and a cookie-based-ID regardless of the duration 24h, 12h,...

The big difference between cookie tracking and  digital fingerprinting tracking is that cookie-IDs are stored in the user terminal, but digital fingerprinting-IDs are not.

Regulation is crystal clear about that. You must require consent if you store "something" in the user's terminal.

GDPR doesn't apply to SEAL Metrics

In their last audit, our legal team found that SEAL Metrics doesn't track, store, process,... any kind of personal data from users. GDPR doesn't apply to SEAL. Request the report to see for yourself.

Trusted by EU Marketers

SEAL Metrics is a Cookieless Conversion Tracking tool for Marketing teams who need to see all conversions per source, campaign, medium, keyword to optimize their campaigns.

  • Running in 5min
  • 100% of my traffic
  • Super Privacy
  • Legal peace of mind

Since the cookie banner

You are running on less data

(some of which is mislabeled)

  • You’re not seeing 30-70% of you traffic in GA
  • ≈ 35% of sources are mislabeled as direct traffic.
  • Your basic metrics are misleading.

Not seeing any changes since the cookie banner?

Use EditThisCookie extension to check if it's installed correctly. If you are running Google Ads, the Enhanced Conversions might still be tracking regardless of the visitor's decision.

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