SEAL metrics is compliant with ALL Regulations. Why you can TRUST in SEAL:

  1. SEAL is a Privacy-first company.
  2. Aggregated Data: SEAL doesn’t work with any individual data.
  3. NO IPs: We don’t work data from any IP since IP got considered personal data, even if IP is encrypted or hashed.
  4. Cookieless Technology: We count every page view and group them by source, campaign, term, days, weeks, months, devices.
  5. NO digital fingerprinting: It’s not allowed by ePrivacy even hashed.
  6. NO User-agent: It’s not allowed by ePrivacy even hashed.
  7. NO Individual Data:  We can’t know who is visiting or converting in your website.
  8. Lawyers friendly: We’ve invested more time interviewing law firms than developing our solution. Our legal team talks your language, don’t hesitate to ask your doubts.
  9. Auto Audit: We talk with our legal firm to audit our system to ensure that we are entirely compliant with the last regulation updates.
  10. We don’t store any personal data even if this data is hashed, anonymized. We know we can’t offer some reports, but we are sure we are Privacy-first analytics.
  11. How we calculate visitors? When the click is coming without a referrer or with a referrer different than the hostname, then it’s a new visitor.
  12. SEAL doesn’t work with digital fingerprinting or user-agent or IP, or a mix of last ones to calculate visitors or unique visitors. It’s not ePrivacy Compliant.
  13. What is SEAL’s ?adin parameter? adin is a SourceId, every time that a page view is loaded with a new referrer (including utms) SEAL creates a new Source Id under the parameter adin. This parameter is shown in the URL and every time that the user is navigating on the website, adin parameter remains in the URL. Once the conversion is done, our conversion pixel looks for adin parameter.
  14. What information is stored in adin parameter? source, campaign, term, and referrer.
  15. Where are your servers located? Europe.
  16. Where is SEAL based? Europe.
  17. GEO IP Reports: We don’t work with IP data, either time zone, so we can’t show this report.
  18. NO Individual Data: SEAL doesn’t work with any kind of data that can identify individually an user, like IP, User-Agent, Time Zone,…
  19. What is Direct Traffic for SEAL? Direct traffic are all the traffic that is landing in the website with NO Referrer. Direct Traffic is when the referrer parameter is empty.
  20. More questions about SEAL metrics? Send us an email to hello [at] sealmetrics [dot] com with your questions.