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How to change your SealMetrics Account Time Zone

SealMetrics is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights of your website. But, did you know that setting SealMetrics to the correct time zone is crucial for the accuracy of your data?

1. Accuracy in Data Analysis:

Setting SealMetrics to your local time zone ensures that the data you are viewing corresponds to the real time when your users interact with your site. This is vital for correctly understanding traffic patterns and user behavior.

2. Improvement in Decision-Making:

When reports reflect the correct time, you can make decisions based on accurate data. This is particularly important for marketing and advertising campaigns, where knowing the exact time when users are most active can lead to a more effective allocation of resources.

3. Efficient Campaign Analysis:

If you run campaigns that are launched at specific times, having the wrong time zone could lead to misinterpretation of the results. Adjusting SealMetrics to your time zone allows accurate tracking of campaign performance from the moment it is launched.

4. Consistent Reporting:

For companies that operate in multiple time zones, it is crucial to establish a standard. By setting SealMetrics to reflect the main time zone of the company, consistency is ensured across all reports and analyses.

How to change your Time Zone setup?

Follow these easy steps to change the time zone of your SealMetrics Account.

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