Seal Metrics Connector for Data Studio

What is Seal Metrics Data Studio Connector?

Google Data Studio allows you to create the kind of reports you want for data visualization. You can automate data pulling and save time on getting results. The Seal Metrics Connector shows summary data grouped by various metrics, providing the following fileds as «Group By» categories within Google Data Studio: Medium, Source, Campaign, Term, Device and O.S.

Our Data Studio product was developed in close collaboration with Google and we continue working with them to make it even better. The Google Data Studio community also guarantees that you’ll quickly find a solution if you ever run into a question about your dashboard.

Using Seal Metrics Data Studio Connector

You have to install Data Studio Connector and visit our Support Page to know how to install and use this connector, and send us your comments through the form that you can see at the bottom of this page.

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Start using Seal Metrics Data Studio Connector in only two steps:

1. Start using Seal Metrics with your own account

2. And get access to use Seal Metrics Data Studio Connector