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Privacy-first Analytics for B2B Companies

B2B companies have very specific needs in terms of sales and marketing. Due to their type of business, they have a very low cookie acceptance rate. This makes the marketer’s job difficult because they cannot see in their measurement tools whether the efforts made are actually profitable.

All that B2B Companies need

Privacy-first Analytics for B2B Companies

B2B companies grapple with unique challenges in the business landscape, particularly in the sales and marketing arena. One such challenge is the notably low cookie acceptance rate, a feature that’s quite common in this sector. This low rate often throws marketers a wrench in the works, as traditional measurement tools fail to deliver accurate insights. This is where the conversation around privacy-respecting measurement tools takes center stage.

Rather than viewing the low cookie acceptance rate as a stumbling block, seeing it as a call to innovate and adapt is more productive. B2B companies must pivot from old-school, intrusive tracking methods to strategies that put privacy at the forefront. This shift doesn’t just align with the global trend towards data privacy, but it also helps in building a solid trust foundation with clients. After all, in the B2B world, trust is the currency that fuels relationships. By prioritizing privacy, companies say, “We value your trust over your data.”

Measurement tools that respect privacy can offer valuable insights without stepping over the privacy line. These tools work with anonymized data, ensuring that the information used for analysis can’t be linked back to individual users. This approach empowers marketers to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies without risking user trust.

Moreover, the efficient management of users is a crucial aspect that can’t be overlooked. It’s wise to grant access to individuals from each department or supplier based on the project they’re involved in. This strategy makes operations more efficient and ensures that everyone has the necessary information to make informed decisions.

The call for privacy-respecting measurement tools in B2B companies isn’t just about ticking the boxes for privacy laws. It’s about trust-building, nurturing relationships, and fostering a culture that values privacy. It’s a recognition that in today’s digital age, respecting privacy isn’t just a moral obligation—it’s smart business.

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Every business needs to know conversion and revenue data by source, campaign, medium, term, operating system, and device. SEAL Metrics is the world’s only privacy-first tool that can provide such data and optimize marketing campaigns with informed decisions.

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Apologies, this report is not available in GA4 😎 . However, with Seal Metrics, you’ll have access to daily, weekly, or monthly statistics. These statistics can be filtered by source, medium, or campaign, and you can compare the data with other time periods.

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