Privacy-first & Cookieless Analytics

Why choose SEAL Metrics? Data

  • Track and report 100% of your website data.
  • You do not need cookie consent for SEAL's data.
  • Actionable & non-sampled data reports.
  • Connect your data to any management tool with our Rest API.
  • Download all your data at any time.
  • Data Studio Connector coming soon.
  • Offline Conversion tracking coming soon.

Track 100% of your traffic, revenue, conversions and ROAS per UTM parameter

With SEAL, you track 100% of your traffic, revenue, ROAS and conversions/source while respecting the privacy of your users and data protection regulations. We know how important it is for marketers to track each source, campaign, medium and keyword.


Since we do not use User IDs or Fingerprinting technology, we can measure 100% of your traffic without any legal risk. SEAL works with a proprietary ID based system which does NOT identify users. It identifies traffic sources. Each time a user accesses your website from a source, the system assigns an ID (not user_id) to that source. For reference have a look at the end of the url of this page.  It does not affect your SEO.

Actionable reports for Marketers by Marketers

After 20 years of experience managing €50M+ in Ad budgets for companies in the EU, we know the type of data and reports you need and don't need to make decisions. Conversions by Source, Campaigns and Terms. ROAS, Acquisition Report, Revenue Evolution, Funnel Report and Breakfast Report.


What questions do Marketers and CEOs need answered?

1. How many conversions did we get yesterday, last week, month, quarter,...?

2. How much revenue have we made?

3. Which are our most profitable sources, campaigns, terms,...?

4. Which are our Top Pages?

5. Which part of our purchase funnel is converting?

Revenue Evolution

Revenue per source with daily, weekly or monthly views.

Advanced filters

By sources, campaigns, devices, OS, terms, mediums.

Sales Funnel Report

Customisable Sales funnel with all your conversions and micro-conversions.

Acquisition Report

All your conversions, revenue, ROAS per source, campaign, medium, term.

User Manager Control Panel

You can grant access to your marketing team, analytics teams, or even your agencies to all your accounts based on roles. For example, your CMO has access to all accounts while your agencies only get access to their respective account(s)... 

Trusted by EU Marketers

SEAL Metrics™️ is a Cookieless Conversion Tracking tool for Marketing teams who need to see all conversions per source, campaign, medium, keyword to optimize their campaigns.

  • Running in 5min
  • 100% of my traffic
  • Super Privacy
  • Legal peace of mind

Beyond the most restrictive Privacy Regulations

This is the 1st cookieless web analytics tool that doesn't track individual visitors in any way.

GDPR doesn't apply because SEAL Metrics doesn't track people. No digital fingerprinting and no technology based on individual person tracking. A big warm welcome to the next generation of Cookieless Tracking.

Highest level of compliance

Lawyers, Marketers, Visitors, all happy

  • All Reports cleared by Legal
  • GDPR doesn't even apply
  • Company and servers in the EU
  • Audit every 6 months
  • Traffic is 100% anonymous
  • No individual visitor tracking

Since the cookie banner

You are running on less data

(some of which is mislabeled)

  • You’re not seeing 30-70% of you traffic in GA
  • ≈ 35% of sources are mislabeled as direct traffic.
  • Your basic metrics are misleading.

Not seeing any changes since the cookie banner?

Use EditThisCookie extension to check if it's installed correctly. If you are running Google Ads, the Enhanced Conversions might still be tracking regardless of the visitor's decision.

Tracking page views, not people.

Analytics for real decision making in a cookieless world.

When you manage a budget, you cannot afford to run on 70% less data and not know the details behind each conversion

Ready to see 100% of your data even if your visitors don't accept your cookies?

Start to track in less

than 5 minutes (No-Code):

Install SEAL Metrics' module, plugin or APP and start tracking the 100% of your sales and visits quick and painless.