SealMetrics' Dashboard at a glance

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SealMetrics' Dashboard at a glance:

SealMetrics Dashboard at a glance:

This is the video of the dashboard that we have in seal metrics. In it, you can see at first the visits, page views, conversions, billing, and micro conversions, which later we will see what they are. We also have a cost calculator and the conversion rate. You will also have a comparison of these KPIs for the last thirty days.

At the micro conversion level, we can measure any micro conversion, a lead, add to cart, newsletter, login, check out, scrolls, or whatever you need. Also, at the conversion level, we can measure conversions as you need. And in turn, you will have a comparison with respect to the previous thirty one days in green. If you are growing or in red, if you are decreasing.

So, visually, you will see how your business is evolving in terms of conversions and micro-conversions.

Therefore, we can measure any type of event. You have a graph where you can see how your traffic is evolving in terms of visits. You will be able to see the mediums that are generating more sales and visits.

The traffic sources that are generating more visits and conversions.

Also, with the campaigns, we continue with the red and green nomenclature according to whether you grow or decrease the most viewed pages, statistics by device, by operating system, and by country.

It is also worth remembering that at the level of page views, you can go into detail and see which URLs are capturing the most traffic on entry pages.

And which ones have the highest number of views

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