Complete Web analytics solution

Why is Seal Metrics the perfect web analytics tool?

When you look for a web analytics service, we have to keep in mind:

  1. What information will I need for making decisions?
  2. Is the web analytics tool privacy laws compliant?

If you're a business, these are the web analytics metrics that you must have wholly controlled:

  • Revenue and ROAS
  • Revenue and Conversions per sources, campaigns, and terms.

Nowadays, more than 40% of users don’t accept cookies, so companies are not tracking all the conversions and revenue generated by these users. 

Companies need data for making decisions, basically, marketers need to know how to locate their budget for maximizing sales. With SEAL Metrics, marketers can work with 100% of the data while you respect the privacy of your users.

SEAL Metrics is the first and only web traffic analytics platform to show you 100% of your revenue, conversions, and ROAS per source, campaign, or term. SEAL doesn’t work with cookies or tracking users individually.

Marketers are making decisions constantly, so marketers need to analyze accurate data to not making wrong decisions. Since the cookie consent banner, there’s a lack of information from all those users that aren’t accepting cookies. 

Companies have from 30% to 70% of their data completely hidden. It’s challenging making decisions based on 50% of your data.

SEAL Metrics collects all your hits in an isolated way. Each hit is treated as an individual and unconnected hit. So, if one visitor visits your website, each page view is treated individually in SEAL Metrics. So, SEAL can’t connect a journey with a user, because SEAL doesn’t track journeys.

The magic starts when SEAL Metrics, with very low data, can create a complete web analytics solution.

Web Analytics metrics to analyze and improve your website

SEAL is the next generation of web analytics tools, SEAL doesn’t track users; it just tracks hits ( page views). Through this tracking system, SEAL can create a complete web analytics suite for helping marketers to make better decisions. SEAL goes beyond google web analytics, respecting visitors' privacy and showing 100% of your traffic data without sampling.

What can you do with SEAL Metrics?

You need to track basic KPIs:

  • Visits
  • Page views
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue

Reports per day, week or month

Check the evolution of your revenue and profit per day, week or month.

Filter by medium, sources or campaigns and compare one period to another.

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Ready to see 100% of your data even if your visitors don't accept your cookies?

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