Do the same thing that you're doing with GA, only legal

Cookieless Analytics for Marketing Agencies

SEAL Metrics™️ is a Cookieless Conversion Tracking tool for Marketing Agency teams that need to see the 100% of conversions per source, campaign, medium, keyword to optimize their campaigns.

  • Running in 5min
  • 100% of my traffic
  • Super Privacy
  • Legal peace of mind

Which tracking problems are facing digital agencies?

Losing Conversions

Marketing campaigns are underperforming at least 30% because users are not accepting cookies, so you can track these conversions

Increase CPA

As you cannot track 100% of your conversions, you have less conversions, the same budget, higher CPA.

SEO works worse than last year!

We've detected that SEO traffic accept less cookies on average than users that are landing from other sources.

Unhappy customers

You're working to optimize marketing campaigns, more competitors, higher CPC, the same budget,... but you're reporting less conversions than the real ones. Reduce frictions with your customers and show them real data.

Underperforming Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads algorithms are underperforming because Google don't know really how many conversions are generating each of your campaigns. We have clients that they don't see up to 85% of Google Ads Conversions!!

Where is the traffic that I'm paying for?

Where is the 35% of my traffic that I pay for, but it's not in the GA reports? Mitigate frictions with your customers and show them accurate and agnostic data.

Everything that a Digital Agency needs in a new privacy-first world:

You need to track basic KPIs:

Take a look at your most important indicators and quickly check which are improving and which are decreasing.

  • Visits
  • Page views
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue

Understand your Sales Funnel:

  • From Visits
  • To Add-to-carts
  • To Conversions
  • Track all your microconversions

Find your Most Profitable Channels:

You need to know how to allocate your marketing budget to maximizing sales. You have access to this information per Source, Medium, Campaigns, Terms, Devices and OS.


Which your Top Pages are?

Which are your most visited URLs?

Which is content performing better?


Create a SEAL's MCC:

Create as many SEAL's accounts as you need. You'll be able to access to each account individually.

You'll have access to all your accounts with 1 single user.

Users Management

Manage the users of your Marketing Agency. 

Grant access to each account only to the people enrolled in the account.

You'll be able to grant to all your accounts or only to selected accounts.

Share the data of each account with your clients with NO extra cost.


Legal Peace of Mind

SEAL Metrics doesn't track people; it tracks isolated hits.

We invested considerably in talking with different legal firms and organizations in 2020. We didn't make a technology that could be deprecated in 2,3,5 years,...?

For this reason, we understood the DNA of the privacy laws: Protect citizens' privacy. 

So we created SEAL, which doesn't track people. SEAL tracks isolated hits; we can make a web analytics tool with very little data.
SEAL doesn't work with cookies, digital fingerprinting, userid, and no data that can identify or track individuals.

SEAL Metrics doesn't work with digital fingerprints or cookies and it's the perfect Google Analytics alternative.

Reports per day, week or month

Check the evolution of your revenue and profit per day, week or month.

Filter by medium, sources or campaigns and compare one period to another.

ROAS Evolution sealmetrics

Privacy-first Analytics

Respect the privacy of your visitors, get all the stats that you need for making decisions while complying with GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation.

Cookieless & digital fingerprintingless Analytics

SEAL works without cookies nor digital fingerprinting technologies. Get stats on your business without tracking people.

SEAL doesn't collect personal data

GDPR doesn't apply to SEAL because we don't track, collect or store personal data.

Track 100% of visits & conversions

Track all your traffic and make decisions based on 100% of your data.

Servers located in the EU

Servers and company both located in Europe. Legal peace of mind.

Add Costs and Calculate ROAS

Calculate ROAS in real-time. Use SEAL's Cost Calculator and add costs automatically.

See how SEAL Metrics works in 1 minute.

It's more expensive not to have a Privacy-first Solution than to have one.

30 day FREE Trial. No credit card required. Cancel any time.

Pricing for Digital Agencies is based on the total of page views of all your clients, instead accounts or users with access to the platform.

Privacy Regulations compliant

Forever data retention

100% data ownership

Unlimited websites/accounts

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Events

Unlimited PDF & CSV downloads

Sales Funnel Analytics

Daily, weekly or monthly ROAS

No fingerprinting technology

User Roles Management

Advanced Stats for Marketers

Powerful API

Real-time Analytics

Track Add-to-carts

Bypass Ad-blockers

Track Google Conversions per UTM

Track Facebook Conversions

Track LinkedIN Conversions

(No credit card required)

(No credit card required)

If you create 7 SEAL's accounts for your 7 clients and the sum of all of them is less than 1M page views monthly, and you've granted access to all your team and clients, you'll pay only 69€!

Scan your cookies right now with SEAL's Cookie Scan tool

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