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Privacy-first Analytics for Digital Agencies

Due to cookie limitations, the efforts of many agencies are not reflected in campaign results. Sales or leads are not correctly attributed to the campaigns managed by these agencies. That’s why they hire SEAL Metrics.

All that Digital Agencies need

Conversions per Source?

Every business needs to know conversion and revenue data by source, campaign, medium, term, operating system, and device. SEAL Metrics is the world’s only privacy-first tool that can provide such data and optimize marketing campaigns with informed decisions.

Control Panel?

With the SEAL metrics dashboard, you’ll have all the KPIs you need for your business at a glance, including comparisons with the previous time period.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly evolution?

Apologies, this report is not available in GA4 😎 . However, with Seal Metrics, you’ll have access to daily, weekly, or monthly statistics. These statistics can be filtered by source, medium, or campaign, and you can compare the data with other time periods.

Start in 5 minutes

SEAL Metrics’s snippets are easy to implement with Google Tag Manager or use our modules for Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, or WooCommerce. Additionally, you’ll have a dashboard to manage the pixels you create.

Fair price

Pay only for the actual traffic you had each month, no more, no less.

Monthly billing

Monthly pageviews
Your price

Register now and get 30 days free

What’s included

100% of your traffic

100% of your revenue

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Events

Unlimited Users

Role Users Management

Real-time analytics

Forever data retention

Flexible pricing based on monthly traffic.

Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

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