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Cookieless Marketing Campaign Tracking

We are the leading cookieless analytics tool in the market, renowned for empowering marketers with unparalleled privacy-focused solutions to optimize their marketing campaigns.

All the reports marketers need to optimize campaigns.

Our reports are accurate, real-time, and never subject to sampling.

Easy-to-Read Dashboard:

Complete dashboard on your website for a comprehensive overview of what’s happening at a glance.


We can accurately attribute conversions and revenue to their respective traffic sources without compromising user privacy.

Create Custom Sales Funnels:

Map your own journeys to maximize sales funnel optimization efforts

ROAS Over Time:

Analyze the evolution of your traffic, conversions, revenue, and ROAs across different time spans. Combine time period comparisons with advanced campaign filters.

Top Pages Analysis:

This report is for you if knowing the top visited URLs on your website and the primary traffic entry points is important to you.

Add SEALMetrics Pixel:

Adding our pixel to your website is a breeze. Simply specify the event you want to track and download it.

Track 100% of your web traffic and Revenue

Measure 100% of what happens on your website, without cookies or fingerprinting, in a completely legal manner. Gain access to valuable reports for informed decision-making.

Access LIVE Demo

Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

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