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Cookieless Future

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What a cookieless world means for marketers

The impact of the cookieless future is completely life-changing, services as we know them today can change in the short term. All the services that we are working with nowadays based on cookies must update their business model.

What are cookies?

Cookies are txt files that a website add in your browser when an user visits a website. The main goal of this files is to improve the experience of the user in the website, but cookies are used to track visitors and get web analytics data.

Types of cookies

We can find two types of cookies:

* First party cookies.

* Third party cookies.

The main difference is third party cookies are cookies added in the  browser  from the domain of the tracker (,,...)

First party cookies are cookies added from the same domain where the user is visiting. For example, you're visiting, the first party cookies are coming from, as well.

The great issue that we can find since 2023 is that the main browsers in the market are going to block 3rd party cookies, so this cookies won't be able to track users.

Cookieless analytics solutions

Nowadays you can find a few cookieless solutions in the market.

There are two kinds of cookieless analytics solutions:

  • Based on Digital fingerprinting.

  • Based on Hits tracking.

Under both technologies you’ll be able to track without cookies, but the second one is completely aligned with the core of the privacy laws.

The Privacy Regulation talks about protecting the privacy of users. A common mistake is to think that just because you are using a cookieless solution, you’re covered.

The Privacy Regulations explain that we cannot add a code (for example, a cookie) in the user terminal without consent, but they also  say that we can’t analyze individual users without consent, even if this tracking is anonymous. This is why cookieless tracking based on tracking hits is the real cookieless future.

Cookieless Google Analytics is not an option since Google has no interest in losing data, because its business model is based on having as much data as possible… about us and your business.

For this reason SEAL Metrics is a great alternative to Google Analytics.

Transparency is imperative in Cookieless Future

Brand must do a step forward and explain to their customers that they embrace the privacy of their customers. We are in a world where every company explains that they are "customer centric". But, the reality is complete different than brands are saying. 

Brands are customer centric while they can track users, in the moment when brand cannot track users they become Data-Centric.

This a huge mistake that brands are making nowadays. Brand must be fully customer centric, even if they lose data.

Ready to see 100% of your data even if your visitors don't accept your cookies?