The Cookieless Analytics solution with the highest Privacy standards

The only platform offering a dual cookieless analytics system. Our innovative approach combines two distinct, cookieless tracking technologies, ensuring comprehensive, in-depth analysis while prioritizing user consent and data protection. 

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Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

The only solution with two Cookieless technologies in 1 platform

With our dual tracking system, you can switch systems by just changing 1 line of our pixel code.

Session- ID based tracking

Track each event of the users in your website without cookies fingerprinting tracking. SealMetrics tracks when an user landing in a URL and when go to a new one. Thanks to this data, we can create helpful statistics.

Isolated Hits based tracking

SEAL works with a proprietary system based on IDs, which does not identify users. It identifies traffic sources. Each time a user accesses the website from a source, the system assigns an ID (not user id) to that source

It's time to compare your business reality vs GA4

From 40% to 100% of your data

Don’t make decisions based on just 40% of your traffic. Watch the complete movie of your business.

No sampling, only accurate data

Only accurate data. Avoid make decisions with sampled data biased by a third party company

Sales & ROAs Attribution

We can accurately attribute conversions and revenue to their respective traffic sources without compromising user privacy.

Helpful Reports for Marketers

Intuitive overview dashboard for a comprehensive overview of what’s happening at a glance.

Unlimited Accounts and Unlimited Users

Grant access to your team and clients; create unlimited accounts. Pricing is based on page views, not the number of accounts

Strong Legal Standing

We are backed by a world-class legal team, ensuring compliance and protecting client interests with the highest integrity.

Empowering marketers and guaranteeing user privacy does not have to be a zero-sum game

Dumping Google Analytics is not the end of marketing metrics, but rather the beginning of a privacy-safe approach to the effective management of your digital properties and investments.

The Highest Privacy Standards in Analytics Ecosystem

Privacy by Design

Privacy-first Web Analytics. If it’s not good for users’ privacy, we don’t build it.

DPO love us

DPOs! we have ready all the documentation that you need to trust SealMetrics.

No Fingerprinting tracking

Based on the ePrivacy Directive, it would require consent for tracking.

Meet our Dual Cookieless Tracking System

Isolated Hits


Consentless Analytics

Cookieless Analytics


Track unlimited events

Privacy Score


Sync Conversions with Google Ads & Bing Ads
Tracking without parameters in the URL
Avoid “Payment” referral

Legally Sound, Privacy-Centric

NO Cookies

NO fingerprinting

Avoid Annoying Cookie Banners

Does NOT store personal data

NO store IP

Servers located in the EU

European Company

GDPR Compliant

ePrivacy Directive Compliant

We don’t sell your data

Privacy Marketing

NO legal tricks

Our customers says

Welcome to the right side of history

If you’re noticing a decline in traffic within your web analytics tools, it isn’t necessarily because of GDPR or ePrivacy Regulations, nor is it due to the cookie banner. The reason is that users do not want to be tracked and are opposed to cookie placement