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Stop losing sales. Don’t let Google Ads Algorithms ‘unlearn’.

Ensure a steady, robust data stream to fuel Google Ads’ machine learning algorithms. Google Ads thrives on rich data to supercharge your ad campaigns for peak performance!

Activate SEAL Metrics’ Google Ads Conversions Booster and synchronize SEAL’s Conversions with Google Ads automatically.

This is how a Google Ads account performs when its algorithm ‘re-learns‘ with SEALMetrics.


This is how a Google Ads account performs when its algorithm ‘unlearns‘.

Don’t let decrease revenue for cookie consent banner

The cookie consent banner is the pain that is killing your Google Ads performance. Google Ads Algorithms are unlearning due the real conversions that it can’t see, so algorithms think that your campaigns, audiences are not good enough and they are underperforming. Avoid wasting more marketing budget and start to feed again Google Ads algorithms while respecting user privacy.

Over 30% of users in Europe reject cookies impacting your Google Ads algorithms.

This leads to incomplete data, making ad campaign optimization less effective due to a lack of full user engagement insights.

Consequently, there’s a growing need for alternative tracking methods that respect user privacy and comply with regulations like GDPR, while still providing valuable marketing insights. > Source: Eurostat


Syncronize ALL your conversions with Google Ads legally

Mantain a consistent and comprehensive data flow to Google Ads’ machine learning algorithms. Google Ads algorithms rely heavily on data to optimize ad campaigns for better performance. Here are the potential consequences of not maintaining this data flow:

Start to sync now!

Don’t let your Google Ads algorithms ‘unlearn’ – avoid missing out on:

Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

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