The only Dual Consentless Analytics System on the Market

The only platform offering a dual consentless analytics system. Our innovative approach combines two distinct, privacy-first measurement technologies, ensuring comprehensive, in-depth analysis while prioritizing user consent and data protection. Dive into the future of web analytics, where precision meets privacy, and unlock the full potential of your data with zero reliance on cookies.

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Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

Choose one of our two Consentless Tracking

Both options have been checked by our legal team

Session- ID based tracking

Track each event of the users in your website without cookies fingerprinting tracking. SealMetrics tracks when an user landing in a URL and when go to a new one. Thanks to this data, we can create helpful statistics.

Isolated Hits based tracking

SEAL works with a proprietary system based on IDs, which does not identify users. It identifies traffic sources. Each time a user accesses the website from a source, the system assigns an ID (not user id) to that source

Eliminate the Cookie Consent Banner legally

Seamless Web Analytics without disturbing your visitors

Avoid Disruption of User Experience

By minimizing disruptions, businesses can significantly enhance user satisfaction, leading to longer site visits, increased engagement, and higher conversion rates. A smooth and cohesive user experience not only reflects positively on your brand’s image but also encourages customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion

Business impact and Reliability

A high bounce rate not only signifies lost immediate engagement but also indicates potential long-term damage to brand perception. Building user trust through clear and respectful privacy practices isn’t just ethical; it’s a strategic investment in customer loyalty and brand strength.

Legal Compliance & Sanctions

Adhering to privacy regulations isn’t just about avoiding penalties; it’s a strategic component of building trust and ensuring a sustainable operation. Compliance with laws like the GDPR reflects a company’s commitment to data protection and privacy, which can significantly enhance the brand’s reputation and customer confidence.

Elevate your brand's perception

By minimizing disruptions, businesses can significantly enhance user satisfaction, leading to longer site visits, increased engagement, and higher conversion rates. A smooth and cohesive user experience not only reflects positively on your brand’s image but also encourages customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion

Usability Issues

Complex interfaces and difficult content access can lead to user frustration, decreased site engagement, and higher bounce rates. This not only affects immediate sales opportunities but can also tarnish brand reputation and user trust over time. Simplifying the user journey, on the other hand, promotes a positive brand image, enhances user satisfaction, and fosters loyalty.

Avoid Accessibility Issues

Enhance your website’s user experience and inclusivity by eliminating the cookie banner. This thoughtful approach not only streamlines navigation but significantly eases access for those facing challenges online, marking a substantial stride towards universal digital accessibility.

The Consentless Tracking at a glance

Isolated Hits


Consentless Analytics

Track unlimited events

Privacy Score


Sync Conversions with Google Ads & Bing Ads

Cookieless Technology

Tracking without parameters in the URL
Avoid “Payment” referral

Track 100% of your traffic and conversions LEGALLY. Even if visitors don’t accept cookies

SEAL Metrics’ reports are accurate, in real-time, never subject to sampling and based on cookieless and legal technology.

All the data a marketer needs to make decisions:

Get real-time, accurate data you can trust. No sampling.

SEALmetrics’ intuitive dashboard is the essential tool for instantly understanding your website’s performance, offering a clear, comprehensive view of key metrics and user behavior.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies data analysis, enabling informed decision-making with just a glance.

This is the solution for those looking to optimize their digital impact efficiently, making it a must-have for navigating the complexities of online engagement.

Create custom sales funnels
0% data leak in conversions-to-revenue allocation

0% data leak in conversions-to-revenue allocation

SEALmetrics enables precise attribution of conversions and revenue to their respective traffic sources, all while upholding user privacy. 

This approach ensures that you can optimize your marketing strategies based on reliable data without infringing on personal privacy, making it the go-to solution for privacy-conscious, data-driven decision-making.

Create custom sales funnels

SEALmetrics allows you to map your own sales funnel.

This capability ensures targeted improvements, driving conversions and maximizing efficiency in your marketing strategies. 

It’s the strategic choice for those aiming to refine their funnel for peak performance.

Create custom sales funnels
Create custom sales funnels

Roas over time

SEALmetrics offers the ability to analyze the evolution of your traffic, conversions, revenue, and ROAs over various time spans, enhancing strategic insight.

By combining time period comparisons with advanced campaign filters, you can pinpoint the impact of your marketing efforts, making it an indispensable tool for optimizing your digital strategy with precision.

Top pages analysis

This report is essential for those who prioritize understanding the top visited URLs on their website and the main traffic entry points. 

It provides the insights needed to focus your optimization efforts where they matter most, making it a key resource for enhancing your website’s performance and user engagement.

Create custom sales funnels

Empowering marketers and guaranteeing user privacy does not have to be a zero-sum game

Dumping Google Analytics is not the end of marketing metrics, but rather the beginning of a privacy-safe approach to the effective management of your digital properties and investments.

The Highest Privacy Standards in Analytics Ecosystem

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Privacy by Design

Privacy-first Web Analytics. If it’s not good for users’ privacy, we don’t build it.

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No Fingerprinting tracking

Based on the ePrivacy Directive, it would require consent for tracking.

Legally Sound, Privacy-Centric

NO Cookies

NO fingerprinting

Avoid Annoying Cookie Banners

Does NOT store personal data

NO store IP

Servers located in the EU

European Company

GDPR Compliant

ePrivacy Directive Compliant

We don’t sell your data

Privacy Marketing

NO legal tricks

Our customers says

Welcome to the right side of history

If you’re noticing a decline in traffic within your web analytics tools, it isn’t necessarily because of GDPR or ePrivacy Regulations, nor is it due to the cookie banner. The reason is that users do not want to be tracked and are opposed to cookie placement

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