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Cookie Consent Guide

In this guide, you will find how a cookie banner should be and EU statistics on cookie consent.

This is one of the most comprehensive guides on cookies and consent you’ll find on the internet. It’s partly based on our own experience helping companies comply with regulations.

How Google is Navigating the Cookieless Future

In this guide, you will find perfectly organized and explained how Google is adapting to the cookieless world: We explain how their tracking solutions work and if they are compliant with regulations.

Consent Mode v2, Fledge, FLoC, URLPassthrough…

Welcome to the right side of history

If you’re noticing a decline in traffic within your web analytics tools, it isn’t necessarily because of GDPR or ePrivacy Regulations, nor is it due to the cookie banner. The reason is that users do not want to be tracked and are opposed to cookie placement

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