Privacy-first & Cookieless Analytics

Why choose SEAL Metrics?

  • We are Marketing and Data specialists with over 35 years of combined experience.
  • We know what Marketers need to make decisions. All reports are created by Marketers for Marketers.
  • Spain's Ministry of Industry supported one of our marketing projects.
  • In under a year, SEAL has built a brand that performance marketers in both growing startups and established brands look to for reference as they navigate the new cookieless future.

Open letter from the SEAL's Founder

“Dad, should I accept cookies?”

That question changed my life. My knee jerk reaction with my 20+ years in the analytics space managing over €50M in ad budget was to say “yes!”. Then it hit me: I don’t want Big Techs profiling my son which means GDPR compliance is not enough. We asked ourselves bold questions: If we didn’t track people, what data could we get and how useful would it be? That is how SEAL was born to be the Analytics solution that hundred of Marketers use each day with peace of mind when it comes to data quality and visitor privacy.

We are proud to be doing our part towards a future which respects individuals. A world where Humans and Brands connect and thrive.

Rafael Jimenez (you can call me Rafa)

Trusted by EU Marketers

SEAL Metrics is a Cookieless Conversion Tracking tool for Marketing teams who need to see all conversions per source, campaign, medium, keyword to optimize their campaigns.

  • Running in 5min
  • 100% of my traffic
  • Super Privacy
  • Legal peace of mind

Since the cookie banner

You are running on less data

(some of which is mislabeled)

  • You’re not seeing 30-70% of you traffic in GA
  • ≈ 35% of sources are mislabeled as direct traffic.
  • Your basic metrics are misleading.

Not seeing any changes since the cookie banner?

Use EditThisCookie extension to check if it's installed correctly. If you are running Google Ads, the Enhanced Conversions might still be tracking regardless of the visitor's decision.

Start to track in less

than 5 minutes (No-Code):

Install SEAL Metrics' module, plugin or APP and start tracking the 100% of your sales and visits quick and painless.

If you have less than 100.000 page views monthly, start now!