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Why is data privacy important?



We should be aware that our online activities leave a trail of data. These data are phone records, payment card transactions, GPS in cars that track our positions, and activities with our mobile phones, and the list keeps growing with the growth of online activities themselves. 

Almost every activity leaves a trail of data that will be collected by service providers, such as instant messaging, browsing websites, or watching videos.

This trail remains in the digital infinite, not only in the environment of web analytics usage. 

This is a treasure trove of personal data for analytics, it is collected, stored, and can be shared with others. This becomes particularly problematic when your data is shared with large technology companies who use it for advertising purposes to make a profit. They do this by building a unique digital advertising profile that is based on the sites we have visited, searches we have completed, preferences, behaviors, and private customer data. 

Tools such as cookies, pixels, and online forms provide companies with important information; technologies such as Google Analytics, Google tags, or Facebook pixels are responsible for this data tracking. 

So we should know why is data privacy important. Privacy is the ability to control who can access information about our private lives and activities.

Why is privacy important?:

Privacy gives us the control to choose who we share our data with, it protects the information that we have chosen not to share, and it helps protect us as individuals against entities more powerful than us. Data privacy is how companies protect data in the digital world. Knowing how to manage the way it is collected and used. 

Why does privacy matter?

Let’s find out why is online privacy important. A data breach occurs when a cybercriminal infiltrates a data source and extracts sensitive information. When you share information and third parties use that data without your consent for advertising purposes, when your private information is sold to other companies, etc…

To avoid this, companies must ensure that they use the most secure applications and environments to interact with their customers.

So, why is it important to protect privacy? 

If data privacy exists to ensure that this information is only used for lawful purposes, it is important to protect this privacy for safe and agile internet use of users, to build trust in websites, in online businesses, to attract new customers, to get their return to us in case of e-commerce and to increase sales, to obtain successful campaigns and so on. 

At this point, we wonder how digital marketing companies can work with data while respecting the privacy of users and at the same time make a good analysis without a sense of contradiction.

At SEAL Metrics we solve these limitations of analysis by respecting privacy and working within the parameters of the law, in fact, the law does not apply to us as we do not work with user data in the usual way. 

We are looking for marketing based on user behavior and not so much on an ID that identifies the user. 

Our tool works with Isolated Hits, with this technique we work measuring clicks, clicks that are not related to each other, and that let us see what is happening on the web at each moment, they give us the data of each “section” of the web separately, but that click is not associated to any person. And with Adin technology, where we work on how to count the source from which the user enters the website as measurement data.

We do not measure users in any way in either of the two technologies used in our brand. 

Clients choose SEAL Metrics because:

They want to see all their data. Not just 100% of their traffic, but also revenue, conversions, micro conversions, events…

They want to see that data by source, campaign, medium, and term…

They want a tool that doesn’t give them headaches from a legal perspective.

By not using individual metrics, only aggregated data compatible with ePrivacy, we are able to provide the necessary information for a good analysis of the campaign without violating the privacy of users; and thus enable companies to obtain results with value and to continue complying with the established regulations.

When we ask ourselves why is digital privacy important and we see what it implies, it is normal to look for alternatives to continue working with data in a legal way, but also with performance, with a good analysis of the results and thus to be able to have an optimal result. 

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