Update to Google’s EU User Consent Policy in Switzerland

This new update from Google: Update to Google’s EU User Consent Policy in Switzerland.

Google Ads is sending advertisers who run their campaigns in Switzerland a notice stating that starting July 31, they must request consent to use cookies or local storage for measurement purposes.

Thus, for Google Ads, Switzerland is aligning with the regulations of the EU and UK.

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Furthermore, Google’s email underscores their dedication to safeguarding user privacy, yet critical questions remain unanswered:

Is the restriction on cookies, local storage, and session storage absolute?

Although it appears likely, precise guidance on these matters is imperative.

Why does Google persist in collecting data from users who explicitly opt out of measurement, especially when they possess the technological means to distinguish and respect these preferences?

Additionally, what rationale supports the promotion of Enhanced Conversions activation despite users indicating their preference to abstain from measurement within their browsers?

While the communication from Google marks a positive stride towards transparency and compliance, its failure to address these pivotal inquiries comprehensively leaves room for continued ambiguity and concern.

It is, therefore, important to work with a cookieless solution like SealMetrics. Not only for measurement purposes but also to provide some legal certainty to our clients.