Tracking and Measure Offline Conversions in a Cookieless World

We are a Privacy-focused Web Analytics, for this reason, we are not going to create any kind of feature that can be contrarian to our philosophy.

When we created SEAL and we had to create every single report, at the beginning, we had doubts about if we can track some KPI or other ones. But the conclusion always was the same:

If it doesn’t respect the privacy of our users we don’t track it

For this reason, we don’t calculate KPIs like:

Time on site
Page Views
Bounce Rate
Clicks per Country

Because if you show these KPIs you are tracking individually each user, if you track individually, you are not being ePrivacy Regulation Compliant! crystal clear!

In October 2021 we’ve launched our new package: Offline-Conversion Trackers.

How Offline-conversions package works?

SEAL tracks in aggregated way what is happening in your website, basically SEAL counts page views. When a page view triggers a “lead-microconversion”, for example, a “thank you page”; SEAL pixel hash’s the email directly from the customer’s website and sends to SEALmetrics the information hashed! We don’t see, store or land in our servers any personal data. All it’s happening in our customers’ site

This hashed data is counted, it’s NOT related to a journey because as we said before, we don’t work analyzing customer journey or any kind of individual tracking.

So we have page views + leads, all on an aggregated basis.

The next step is when this lead becomes conversion, because, for example, our customer’s contact center closed this lead.

When our customer closes this deal, send us via API or Zapier (coming soon), the information about this lead now is client, then our API hashed all the information.

SEAL counts this offline conversion.

So, we have page views + leads + conversions, all on aggregated basis.

How does this package work for being GDPR and ePrivacy Compliant?

I’m going to explain in bullets for making easier the explanation:

Aggregated basis: We don’t track individually
Leads are hashed from customer’s site. (anonimous)
Conversions are hashed when they are sent to us. (anonimous)
SEAL can’t match a hashed info to an individual journey.

then we can track offline conversions being completely GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.