SEAL: Privacy-first Web Analytics

At SEAL we have developed a cookieless solution which allows us to measure the main online business KPIs while respecting user privacy in 100%, which is why we comply with all privacy regulations globally.

Our Cookieless system consists of measuring in an aggregated way all the traffic that a website receives. Therefore, we don’t measure users, unique users, customer journeys, IPs, or user IDs… What our system does is “counting” each time there is a page viewed:

Let’s imagine that a user makes this journey:

From SEO > Home > Product > Pricing > Contract

SEAL Metrics counts:

Referrer SEO: 1

Click on Home: 1

Click on Product: 1

Click on Pricing: 1

If this is done by 4 users:

Referrer SEO: 4

Click on Home: 4

Click on Product: 4

Click on Pricing: 4

But we don’t count by user_id, we count every time that a URL is loaded.

This way, a journey can never be associated with a user in any possible way, nor with present, past or future data.

The system also does not take into account the IP of the users, since it is considered personal data. Therefore, to be able to work with it, whether encrypted or hashed, it will require the consent of the user.

Furthermore, in SEAL Metrics we have launched a system to be able to assign conversions to their respective Source, Medium, Campaign or Term. How can we do it without measuring by user_id?

We have created an IDs system. These IDs do NOT identify users, they identify Sources, so each time a user accesses the website, from a source, the system assigns an ID to that referrer.

Therefore, if two users access from: Google + CPC + campaign1 + keyword2, they will have id =1. If one of these two users buys or converts, our conversion pixel assigns 1 conversion to ID=1.

What we do is that we put this ID code (_adin) in every URL:

poevmI5wOqljnfjgFhU3re0IrW1imhKrK4apQzosSorKbCXsQj1e6Xlbmv6Uj uW6MpVpqoD4ykyJkFjmLSteGtm

If you want more information, here is a complete post where we also discuss SEO issues: