Privacy-first Tracking

The new trend in measurement based on user privacy generated by the GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation has led to the emergence of Privacy-first tracking tools such as SEAL metrics.

The main difference between a privacy-first tool and a cookie-based tool is that the privacy-first tool seeks to provide business KPIs from web interaction KPIs, while the cookie-based analytics tool bases its statistics on user behavior on the web.

The difference seems subtle, but it is the key to a successful privacy-first measurement platform.

A measurement tool based on cookies, local storage or digital fingerprinting bases its technology on the individualized measurement of the user to obtain aggregate data from your website.

A privacy-first tracking solution, on the other hand, is based on measuring how your website generates page views for each of its pages and organizes that information into useful data for its users.

In other words, Privacy-first solutions such as SEAL monitor the web, which pages are the most consulted (especially), creating events,… with aggregate data (never individualized).

The best privacy-first solution is the one that monitors the web, not the users.

Once the information is collected and organized, useful data is displayed for our users, with the certainty that we comply with current regulations.