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Cookie acceptance statistics

You can see how 75% of users accept cookies vs. 25% who do not accept cookies in the following image. What we are saying is that according to interviews and clients, they have average percentages that range between 20% and...
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Cookieless Tracking

At SEAL we have developed a cookieless tracking solution that allows us to measure the main online business KPIs while respecting user privacy in 100%, which is why we comply with all privacy regulations globally. Our Cookieless system consists of...
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How Cookieless World affects marketers

  Regardless of the ethical part of privacy, we as marketers have to continue with our work. But a new concept of Marketing opens up: Sustainable Marketing. Sustainable Marketing consists of designing marketing campaigns: That respect the privacy of users,...
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Cookieless Current Tracking Problem

Since last October 31th, 2020, the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations force web pages to respect even more the privacy of their users. The regulations, among other issues, say that the user must expressly accept " Analytics” and “Marketing” cookies. Therefore...
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GDPR vs ePrivacy Regulation

The main difference between GDPR and ePrivacy regulation is: GDPR: Focus on protect user's personal data in internet. ePrivacy: In the same way that GDPR, ePrivacy regulation is focused on protecting user's personal data, but eprivacy is more focused on...
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