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Guía GDPR y Google Analytics

¿Qué es la RGPD (GDPR por sus siglas en inglés)? Desde SEAL Metrics hemos creado esta guía GDPR para marketers para dar un poco de luz sobre cómo nos afecta a los negocios digitales. La GDPR corresponde a las siglas:...
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SEAL Metrics Alternativas

SEAL Metrics com Privacy-first Web Analytics es bastante diferente a los competidores actuales. Al menos en el momento de hacer este post en Octubre 2021. Alternativas en el mercado hay varias como Plausible Analytics y Fathom Analytics. Pero ninguna como...
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Tracking and Measure Offline Conversions in a Cookieless World

We are a Privacy-focused Web Analytics, for this reason, we are not going to create any kind of feature that can be contrarian to our philosophy. When we created SEAL and we had to create every single report, at the...
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Cookieless web Analytics for ecommece

You'll find a lot of Cookieless Web Analytics software when you google "cookieless tracking". But SEAL is the only one that is designed and created to help e-commerce managers to take advantage of their privacy-focused data. Which are the KPIs...
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Google Analytics vs SEALmetrics:

Here I give you a comparison of the situation if we compare ourselves with Google Analytics. What can I do?Google AnalyticsSEAL MetricsTechnologyCookieCookielessMeasure 100% of my trafficNOYesMeasure 100% of my conversionsNOYesSampling, Cohorts, predictions…Yes. There is an error %Exact Data. Minimum Error...
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Cookie Consent Table, when we must ask for tracking consent

In this table, you will find how to comply with the regulations according to the technology with which you analyze your data.   GDPR ePrivacy Notes: Cookies Requires consent Requires consent   Log Files Requires consent Requires consent   IPs...
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