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Matomo alternatives

SEAL Metrics the best alternative to matomo You may have started a journey towards a measurement tool based on user privacy that allows you to comply with the current Cookies regulation and the RGPD. That is why you are interested...
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SEAL Metrics Alternatives

SEAL Metrics Privacy-first Web Analytics is quite different from current competitors. At least at the time of making this post in October 2021. There are several alternatives on the market such as Plausible Analytics and Fathom Analytics. But none like...
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Privacy-first Tracking

La nueva tendencia en medición basada en la privacidad del usuario generada por la GDPR y por la ePrivacy Regulation ha provocado la aparición de herramientas Privacy-first Tracking como SEAL metrics. La principal diferencia entre una herramienta privacy-first y otra...
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Cookieless web analytics, take that in mind

SEAL metrics was created in May 2021. We are a very young company. Our entire background is on web analytics and marketing campaign optimization. Here you have my LinkedIn to know more. Since 2013 we started to develop a Marketing...
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Cookieless Attribution

How the cookieless world affects attribution marketing Can attribution marketing exist in a cookieless tracking system? Yes, of course it can. There are Cookieless Web Analytics tools that can create attribution models. A customer journey analysis system can be used...
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GDPR and Google Analytics Guide

  What is the GDPR? From SEAL Metrics we have created this GDPR guide for marketers to shed some light on how it affects our digital businesses. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It came into force in May...
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