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Cookieless Tracking based on Digital Fingerprinting:

What is Digital Fingerprinting?  What kind of information can be obtained from a device to "make it unique"? By means of a pixel installed on the web, such pixel can read, detect or analyze fields such as: Operating system, version......
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SEAL: Privacy-first Web Analytics

At SEAL we have developed a cookieless solution which allows us to measure the main online business KPIs while respecting user privacy in 100%, which is why we comply with all privacy regulations globally. Our Cookieless system consists of measuring...
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Web analytics in a cookieless world

The future of web analytics in particular and online marketing, in general, has been rocked by a user privacy-based shockwave like never seen before. Web analytics in a cookieless world is facing these very clear situations. Cookies Fixed Footer Since...
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Cookie acceptance statistics

In the following image you can see how 75% of users accept cookies vs 25% who do not accept cookies (Data: December 2020, when we wrote this post is 35% accept cookies 65% don't accept cookies). What we are saying...
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GDPR impact on Marketing Strategy

Since last October 31th, 2020, the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations force web pages to respect even more the privacy of their users. The regulations, among other issues, say that “Analytics” and “Marketing” cookies must be expressly accepted by the user,...
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Fathom Analytics Alternative

Why choose SEAL Metrics over Fathom Analytics? There are not many Privacy-first Analytics solutions on the market, but one of them is Fathom Analytics. It is a very light and pleasant to use tool with concrete and clear metrics. Fathom...
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