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How can you save universial google analytics data with GA4?

The answer is clear and it will be a very difficult way. So, how to export google analytics data?According to Google it is possible and it explains in detail how to export data, but what we observe and what we read...
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Switching from UA to GA4

Alexander Robinson, founder at Justü Digital, shares his thoughts on the switch from Universal Analytics to GA 4 and what it means for business owners that are not as tech savvy. Thanks again Alex for sharing your experience :)
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Why have Marketers chosen SEAL?

Clients have chosen SEAL for 3 main reasons:They want to see all their data. Not just 100% of their traffic, but also revenue, conversions, microconversions, events...They want to see that data per source, campaign, medium, term...They want a tool that...
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How does SEAL work?

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SEAL gets all its data from 5 variables

100% of all the good stuff (traffic, revenue, ROAS, conversions, per source/campaign/medium/...) by using these 5 variables:1. Page Views: which we call ‘hits’. They are not connected to one another.2. User agent: we don’t even save it, we simply read...
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Flipping the Script with Avishai Ostrin, Head of Privacy Consulting at PrivacyTeam

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