Matomo alternatives

SEAL Metrics the best alternative to matomo

You may have started a journey towards a measurement tool based on user privacy that allows you to comply with the current Cookies regulation and the RGPD. That is why you are interested in Cookieless tracking tools.

Looking for a Cookieless Web Analytics to replace Google Analytics you have found Matomo.

In this post, I would like to explain why you should also consider SEAL Metrics as a measurement tool that complies with the most demanding regulations and respects user privacy.

Similarities Matomo vs SEAL Metrics.

The basis of both technologies is to be a real and legal alternative to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a monster, it is in practically 90% of the sites in the world. But it has some shortcomings that are “accepted” because it is free and because we have become accustomed to it.

We are both agnostic tools:

We are not going to give more weight or influence to some channels vs. others. You will agree with me, that Facebook Ads “comes out ugly” in Google Analytics. With SEAL metrics as with Matomo you will see the real data of your business.

We are both tools that do not do sampling.

Data is serious, very serious, and deserves the respect that Google Analytics is not offering. Filling data and us accepting it is a problem for our digital business.

Data has to be accurate, agnostic and reliable. Why would you want data you don’t trust?

Key differences of Matomo vs SEAL Metrics:

The essence of Analytics:

Matomo is a Google Analytics clone, it has copied the top reports; which is a problem for 95% of marketers and business owners. By wanting to be an alternative to Google Analytics by cloning it, besides being open-source; it drags the same problems that Google Analytics drags with its users.

Too many Noise-Metrics:

Just as there are Vanity-Metrics, we find Noise-Metrics. Noise-Metrics are those KPIs, data, that rather than providing information, provide noise and disorientation.

“The best Web Analytics tool is not the one that offers the most data, but the one that best answers your questions.”

Why do we want dozens of reports that do not provide value? So that you think you have the best solution and it is not so. We are not saying that you should choose the analytics solution that offers the least data, but the one that offers you the data you need to make decisions.

“When was the last time Google Analytics or Matomo made you money? Then you don’t need what you think you need”

It does not comply with GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations:

Matomo works with Cookies, IPs,… currently, in order to work with cookies or IPs, you need express consent from the user; so it’s going to stop measuring approximately 65% of your traffic and 40% of your conversions.

Privacy-first Analytics:

SEAL metrics works without cookies, without digital fingerprinting, without IPs,…. we do not analyze the user individually. The privacy of your users is guaranteed, as well as the current regulations.

The data you need as you need it.

If we have an online business, what are the questions you ask yourself every day to manage your business?

How much did I sell yesterday, last week, this month?

Having a measurement tool that does not measure your turnover is a step backwards in the evolution of web analytics.

Which channels generate the most sales for me?

At SEAL metrics we have developed a technology that allows us to assign conversions to the different acquisition channels without analyzing the customer journey or working with “cookie” or similar technology.

What is my real traffic and sales?

How much do you really sell? Since the mandatory implementation of the cookie banner, digital businesses are measuring less than half of the traffic and almost half of the conversions.

“Do we really think we can scale sales by looking at half of the data in our Google Analytics or Matomo?”

In the following traffic you can see how since Apple launched the option for users not to be tracked, marketing budgets have stopped investing in Facebook Ads and have moved to Apple Search Ads.

“Marketing budget money goes where it can be measured.”

If you want to try SEAL metrics, you have 7 days free trial, fixed-price unlimited domains, unlimited traffic. Choose the package that interests you most and start seeing the reality of your data.