How Cookieless World affects marketers

Regardless of the ethical part of privacy, we as marketers have to continue with our work. But a new concept of Marketing opens up: Sustainable Marketing.

Sustainable Marketing consists of designing marketing campaigns:

  • That respect the privacy of users,
  • Efficient and profitable,
  • Based on data and creativity. What would science be without art?

So, they don’t burn the users; they don’t burn the budget; they don’t burn the brand.

We have to get used to working with less data, making predictions, improving messages, being creative, and pampering users.

New concept: “Anchor” Statistics.

From SEAL we have created a solution to be able to measure 100% of the traffic while respecting 100% of the user’s privacy. If we cannot respect it 100%, it is not measured. As with IPs. Being able to work with IPs, even hashed, would give us interesting information, but because it is a personal value, we have decided not to work with IPs.

Being Privacy-first has drawbacks at the measurement level. Although we have generated a very complete Privacy-first tool, it may have limitations such as Google Analytics.

But these powerful tools have, at the measurement level, the problem of the acceptance of cookies by the user. So, your data is depleted in quantity.

That’s why we recommend working with an “anchor” statistician. If you work with Analytics 35% – 50% of your data is good, biased in google analytics with Direct Traffic.


Fortunately, the world is changing, users are changing, our profession and tools are changing. The key is to adapt. Some of us experienced the SEO Keywords blackout with the famous (not provided) in Google Analytics. We kept working!

With the “Armageddon cookie”, or rather, with the increase in the “Sense of privacy” of users, regulations, and third parties such as Apple, we will have to get used to working with less data, or less accurate or more limited data.