GDPR Impact on Marketing Strategy

Since last October 31th, 2020, the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations force web pages to respect even more the privacy of their users.

The regulations, among other issues, say that “Analytics” and “Marketing” cookies must be expressly accepted by the user, therefore they must be “not selected”.

This causes almost all online businesses, and blogs… have noticed a decrease in their online statistics. This decrease in statistics does not mean a real traffic loss, it means a “measured” traffic loss. For this reason we’ve created SEAL Metrics Cookieless Tracking.

Based on the statistics of our clients and participation in forums, it is estimated that the percentage of people who do not accept cookies when visiting a website is between 20% and 30%.

This percentage will be even higher due to the great evangelization effort regarding data privacy carried out by Apple.

Apple is showing this advertisement:

In addition, Tim Cook in his Speech to Stanford graduates in 2019 explains how the basis of our freedom as citizens lie in how cautious and careful we are with our privacy:

Apple is making a great effort for the privacy of users and against its big (indirect) technological competitors. It started with Facebook.

The latest iOS 14 update will cause Facebook and its advertisers to “see”, consequently, process or profile user data:

This is just the beginning!

Users don’t want to be measured, they don’t want to be “remarketed”, and they don’t want to be profiled. Do you want to be “profiled”? And your children? Your nieces? This is precisely why I share with you that this is just the beginning.

It is not a question of whether cookies are going to die or not, it is about privacy.