Cookieless web analytics, take that in mind

SEAL metrics was created in May 2021. We are a very young company. Our entire background is on web analytics and marketing campaign optimization. Here you have my LinkedIn to know more.

Since 2013 we started to develop a Marketing Attribution solution and already in 2018, we started to develop and commercialize our Click Fraud solution based on cookieless technology.

Why do I explain this?

To give context to the points we will discuss below and to show you that we have been in the industry for many years and we know what we are talking about.

Being Cookieless does not mean that you are completely Privacy-first.

The fact that you work with cookieless technology does not mean that you comply with privacy regulations. If a cookieless tool works with IPs to know the user’s country or with digital fingerprinting, you do not comply with ePrivacy or LSSI regulations in Spain.

Difference between GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation:

We discussed this in detail in another post, to sum it up:

  • GDPR: It obliges you to respect and store users’ personal data such as email or IP.
  • ePrivacy: It says that you cannot measure a user individually without their consent, regardless of the technology. If a web analytics solution works on individualized data obtained from any technology, any! It requires consent.

Therefore, complying with GDPR does not exempt you from setting the cookies fixed footer.

The regulation that directly affects measurement is ePrivacy, NOT GDPR!

There is data you will no longer be able to have

Complying with GDPR AND ePrivacy means that there are data that can not be calculated without user consent, what are they?

  • Bounce rate
  • Session duration
  • Page Views
  • Geographic Data: Country

These data cannot be offered because obtaining them requires individualized measurement of the user and the country data requires the IP. That is why they do not comply with the LSSI or ePrivacy.

Work with data that brings you value

Does it add value to see 35% of your traffic or 55% of your conversions? Seeing the full picture is key to making decisions.

The same goes for simple measurement tools. Extreme simplicity in some cases is useless. If you have a business, why would you want a solution that doesn’t measure revenue?

Reliable and Legal Cookieless Solution

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