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Rafa Jimenez

Founder of SEAL Metrics. Privacy Marketer.

Cookieless web Analytics for ecommece

You’ll find a lot of Cookieless Web Analytics software when you google “Cookieless tracking”.

But SEAL is the only one that is designed and created to help e-commerce managers to take advantage of their privacy-focused data.

Which are the KPIs that you’ll find in SEAL and not in our competitors?


The most important KPI for all kinds of business. No money, no business, that’s it!


2. Add-to-Carts

With SEAL, you can track unlimited events like “Add to carts”. You’ll be able to create a complete sales funnel for your business.


While we wait to be copied by our competitors, we are the first ones and the only ones that show conversions per source being 100% eprivacy regulation compliant.

We have developed a technology that lets us assign conversions and revenue by Source, Medium, Campaign & Term.

As you can see we have no superfast loader pixel, we have the most complete pixel that allows you to replace completely your Google Analytics.

SEAL is the unique privacy-focused analytics alternarive to Google Analytics

From a real marketer like you and CEO @Seal; Rafael Jimenez

3. ROAS per channel.

Since you activate our Cost Calculator Module (TM) ; you’ll be able to calculate Revenue / Cost = ROAS per Source, Campaign, Medium and Terms


4. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Report:


You won’t find this report in Google Analytics, neither our cookieless analytics competitors.

Thanks to this report you’ll see your traffic on a daily, weekly or monthly basis AND filtering by source, campaigns or terms.

You’ll find a couple of good cookieless analytics software in Google, all of them are great solutions, but we are the only one that can help you to make profitable business decisions being GDPR, CCPA,… eprivacy regulation compliant.

Please, compare SEAL with our competitors, if we are not right, let me know send me an email to rafa [at] sealmetrics [dot] com


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