Cookieless Solutions compliant with GDPR

Spain’s Data Protection Office recently released a guide early this year that provides insights into tracking visits to your website without requiring users’ consent. This friendly guide, released just a few weeks ago, offers a unique perspective on website analytics within the boundaries of European data protection standards. We will analyze whether the top Cookieless Solutions are compliant with GDPR.

You can read our complete post by following this link or download the Guide in Spanish.

Traffic Per Page
Referral Traffic
Device, OS, Screen Size Data
Time per page
Scrolls & other events
Users Actions

On the other hand, AEPD explains as well that:

  • If the cookieless tracking solution works in Real-time, it must request consent tracking ❌.
  • If a privacy-first tracking solution stores data over 25 months, it must request consent to track❌.

Let’s compare which solution is AEPD compliant:

Who is AEPD Guide Compliant?SealMetricsPlausibleSimpleFathomMatomo
AEPD Guide compliant:
Show real-time data
Store data for more than 25 months

We can go further:

Beyond the data:SealMetricsPlausibleSimpleFathomMatomo
Different Privacy-first Tracking Technology21111
Tracking TechnologyIsolated hits & Session-IDSoft FingerprintingSession-IDSoft FingerprintingSoft Fingerprinting
Does it use IP to calculate the ID?NoYesNoYesYes
Sync Offline Conversions
BigQuery Connector
Partners Program
Affiliate Program
Dedicated Account Executive

While it might seem that utilizing Cookieless Solutions would automatically ensure compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Agency), this is not always the case.

These solutions merely provide a data collection and storage framework that doesn’t rely on cookies.

Imagine the thrill of knowing your data is helpful and in full compliance with Privacy Regulations! That’s the exhilarating assurance SealMetrics brings to your table. Get ready to experience a data journey like no other!

However, it’s crucial to understand that compliance with data protection laws is not guaranteed merely by using these privacy-first solutions. It depends on how these tools are implemented and used.

Therefore, consulting with a legal expert or data protection officer is always wise to ensure you’re operating within the law when using Cookieless Solutions.