June 3

Cookie Consent Table, when we must ask for tracking consent



In this table, you will find how to comply with the regulations according to the technology with which you analyze your data.

CookiesRequires consentRequires consent
Log FilesRequires consentRequires consent
IPsRequires consentRequires consentEven if they are deleted after 24 hours or almost in real time
Hashed IPsRequires consentRequires consent
Encrypted IPsRequires consentRequires consent
Local StorageRequires consentRequires consent
Session StorageRequires consentRequires consent
Individual Journeys (cookies)Requires consentRequires consent
Individual Journeys (fingerprinting) Meets and doesn’t require consentRequires consentAny system that works with user id is included even though it can never be associated with a person.
Any anonymous but individualized analysis of journeysMeets and doesn’t require consentRequires consent
Measurement NOT based on JourneysNo consent requiredNo consent requiredMeasurement System with added data

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