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  • Cookieless Tracking: Guide to Ecommerce 2022
    The evolution of internet measurement has come to a halt due to the protection of user privacy, which is why Cookieless Tracking solutions are of vital importance for e-commerce. Web analytics solutions, such as Google Analytics, have based their technology on individualized user measurement based on “cookie” technology. Technological evolution has allowed web analytics tools… Continue reading Cookieless Tracking: Guide to Ecommerce 2022
  • Privacy-first Tracking
    The new trend in measurement based on user privacy generated by the GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation has led to the emergence of Privacy-first tracking tools such as SEAL metrics. The main difference between a privacy-first tool and a cookie-based tool is that the privacy-first tool seeks to provide business KPIs from web interaction KPIs,… Continue reading Privacy-first Tracking
  • GDPR Guide for Marketers
    Contents1 We have created a super GDPR Guide for Marketers, if you look in the white box to the right of this post, you will see how to download it.2  3 Contents of the GDPR Guide for Marketers4  5 And a few more points that I add, to why not? “inspire” our competitors. 😉6 Current… Continue reading GDPR Guide for Marketers
  • How does cookieless measurement work?
    Cookieless Analytics solutions have become an indispensable solution for marketers. That is why in this post we are going to explain how the different cookieless measurement systems available on the market work, using cookie-based measurement as the basis of the explanation: Contents1 Cookies Measurement:2 Types of Cookieless Tracking:2.1 Cookieless Tracking based on Local Storage:2.2 Cookieless… Continue reading How does cookieless measurement work?
  • Why choose SEAL Metrics over Plausible Analytics?
    There aren’t many Privacy-first Analytics solutions on the market, one of them is Plausible Analytics. A very light and user-friendly tool with specific and clear metrics, it is very similar to Fathom Analytics. Here you can find our post about alternatives to Fathom Analytics. Plausible Analytics has been helping websites to measure their traffic while… Continue reading Why choose SEAL Metrics over Plausible Analytics?